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#GoodbyeBadBag: A Summer Without Plastic Bags

We read the news, too. Global warming is really global heating. A million species are going extinct because of human activity. Oh well. It’s just some bugs and fish other icky beings you wouldn’t want to share a bed with anyway. Right? 

Veriff says goodbye to plastic bags - and you should too!
June 3, 2019
Blog Post

Of course not. A radically-different world is just decades away and it won’t be pretty for any of us, Estonian or crustacean. Discussing this at the office, we felt helpless. 

Then we noticed tons of plastic grocery bags in the kitchen. That’s on top of plastic trash bags we buy. Veriff is an almost 300-person startup that aims to be a force for good (we protect online businesses and their customers from identity fraud - see our Fraud Index Report). Our plastic adds up. Not good.

So we decided to change. No more plastic bags. It’s not a radical move, we know. But it’s a trigger moment, something to build on. We’ll lighten our plastic burden while paving the way for more steps. Which will also add up. Veriff has also committed to be Carbon Neutral by 2030

Below are some ways we’ll lighten our footprint. What do you think? What are your ideas for reducing environmental impact? Any tips or tricks that reduce your plastic bag use? Put it on social media this summer, using the hashtag #GoodbyeBadBag so we can see what’s on your mind!

How to wean yourself off plastic bags

1. Read up on the impact of plastic bags

  1. Understand the worldwide problem
  2. Count how many plastic bags appear in your house in one week and share it.
  3. Do you have plastic bags at home/work? Reuse them.
  4. As garbage-bag liners
  5. Give small bags to pet owners, so they can buy fewer new poop bags
  6. Wash dirty plastic bags. You don’t have to throw them away immediately.
  7. Be creative. Think of ways we haven’t.
  8. Didn’t find any plastic bags today? Yay!
  9. Opt for reusable and biodegradable bags for trash. Shopping bags, veggie/fruit bags, etc. will do.
  10. Keep your shopping bag and veggie/fruit bag in the pocket, car, or near the front door
  11. Refuse plastic bags from cashiers and store owners.
  12. Bring your own reusable shopping bag
  13. Use other alternatives: baskets, cardboard boxes, backpacks etc. 
  14. Weigh different fruit and vegetables separately, but put them in the same bag

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