Database Verification Checks

Comply with regulations using our comprehensive Database Verification Checks

Add Veriff's seamless Database Verification Checks to your identity-proofing process to build a comprehensive, robust IDV program, comply with regulatory requirements, and verify users around the world quickly and safely.


How Database Verification Checks helps businesses

Database Verification Checks from Veriff gives businesses the power to expand into new markets, comply with local regulations, and create a more comprehensive identity proofing process.

Expand Globally

We use authoritative sources of identity from registries and databases around the world to give you an additional layer of identity proofing.

Have a complex use case?

Our list of trusted database sources for regions around the world is constantly expanding. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you verify your users from around the world.

The building blocks to identity verification

Trust is the core of Veriff and we work together with our partners to build business plans that drive mutual results.

SSN Verification

Verify your US-based users using their Social Security Number. User’s enter their nine-digit SSN, name, and either their date of birth and home address. Our matching engine checks for a full, or partial match and returns whether or not one was found. Find out more here.

INE & CURP Verification

Comply with local regulations and verify your Mexican users' identity with INE & CURP verification. Seamlessly capture and extract details from your user's ID documents and conduct checks against the INE Lista Nominal or CURP / RENAPO registry to help build a comprehensive view of your users' identities.

INE Biometric Validation

Businesses seeking a more comprehensive identity verification can choose INE Biometric Validation. This solution goes beyond extracted data checks by verifying the end-user using the biometric data extracted from their selfie image and cross-referencing it with INE. This ensures compliance with Mexican regulations and offers an additional level of assurance. 

CPF Verification

Confirm your users’ identity with the CPF Database Verification Check. Extract the CPF number from your users' documents during IDV and verify it via Serpro to comply with Brazilian AML / KYC requirements and enhance user identity verification decisions.

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