Our Hiring Process

When you’re applying for a job, a lot of thoughts can race through your mind - what do I need to send? When will I hear back? Can I even apply from where I live? Well, fear not, we’ve covered it all in the FAQs below. And if you’ve got another question, just email and we’ll be happy to help!

More about the hiring process

I haven't heard anything yet, what should I do?

Does hiring always follow a standard process?

Do I need to add a cover letter?

Why do some applications have deadlines?

How long does recruitment take?

What should I prepare for the interview?

Do I have to wear an official outfit?

If I’m not successful, can I apply again?

What if I’m interested in multiple vacancies?

There isn’t a position available I’m into, but can I still submit a resume?

Why aren’t salaries mentioned in your ads?

Why do you want to know my salary expectations?

How easy is it to change offices?

Can I apply from another country?

Do you offer part-time work?

Do you have internship opportunities?

Life at Veriff

Why do people want to work in Veriff?

How quickly can I move or change jobs inside of Veriff?

What language do I need to speak?

Can I work remotely full-time?

What are your working hours?

Where is Veriff located?

Are you planning to open more offices?

Do you host groups of interested people at Veriff?

Are you interested in working with recruitment agencies?

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Veriff now available in AWS Marketplace


Veriff now available in AWS Marketplace

Veriff's identity verification offering is now available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog where customers can find, buy, and deploy a wide range of software products and services that are designed to run on the AWS platform.