Biometric Authentication

Secure accounts, data access, and transactions

Take a step beyond passwords and one-time passcodes to secure customer accounts. It’s as fast and easy as taking a selfie.
Veriff Station view of ID verification statuses
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Led by powerful automation


Real-time response

Using just a selfie, authenticate any user’s identity in one second



Fully automated facial recognition technology



Highly accurate face detection and biometric authentication


First-time match

With Assisted Image Capture included, authenticate users on their first try

How does Veriff’s Biometric Authentication work?

Veriff’s biometric authentication confirms that a returning user is who they claim to be. Our biometric analysis identifies and mitigates fraudulent activities such as account takeover and identity theft.
  1. Ask the user for a quick selfie, and replace legacy KBA and SMS 2FA.
  2. The selfie is compared to a previously verified face and identity, and checked for liveness and realness.
  3. Veriff sends the user back to your platform, and provides you with the authentication decision in about a second.
Biometric authentication flow document selection screen
Biometric authentication flow start screen
Biometric authentication flow end screen

Complete digital & automated UX

Help users access your products and services safely in the real world, while maintaining high security to protect your users and brand while staying compliant.

Replace KBA & Go Passwordless

Unlock doors with confidence

Stop account takeovers

Streamline age-restricted deliveries

Get captured files in realtime

Easy deployment

Enroll once for all authentications

Enroll users with Veriff's Identity Verification service. Trigger biometric authentication for access.

Straightforward integration

Simple API documentation. See full details here.


Add Veriff’s Biometric Authentication to your flows, bolster security, and take your UX to the next level.
1curl -X POST 2 --url '/v1/sessions/' 3 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' 4 -H 'X-AUTH-CLIENT: API…' 5 -d '{ 6 "verification": { 7 "vendorData": "user uuid", 8 "Timestamp": "2016-05-19T08:30:25.597Z" 9}}''
{ "status": "success", "verification":{ "id":"f04bd…", "url": "…", "sessionToken": "eyJ…", "baseUrl": "" }}

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Caroline Mogford joins Veriff as Chief Marketing Officer


Caroline Mogford joins Veriff as Chief Marketing Officer

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