Biometric Authentication

Go passwordless and secure accounts easily 

Take a step beyond passwords and one-time passcodes to secure customer accounts. It’s as fast and easy as taking a selfie.

Make authentication easier and more secure

Facial biometrics enables the simplest, most secure authentication experience. 

How Biometric Authentication works

Veriff’s biometric authentication confirms that a returning user is who they claim to be. Our biometric analysis identifies and mitigates fraudulent activities such as account takeover and identity theft.

Ask for a selfie

Ask the user for a quick selfie, and replace legacy knowledge-based authentication (KBA), one-time passwords, and email authentication. Facial biometric authentication is easier for the user and more secure than legacy solutions.

The selfie is checked for liveness and realness in real time.

The selfie is compared to a previously verified face and identity.

Veriff sends the user back to your platform, and provides you with the authentication decision in about a second.

Complete digital & automated UX

Help users access your products and services safely and quickly with fully automated biometric authentication and simple user experience. Maintain high security to protect your users and brand while staying compliant. 

Replace knowledge-based authentication & go passwordless

Help returning customers remain your customers by ensuring that it’s the same person behind the screen without having to recall unreliable security questions. 

Unlock doors with confidence

Whether you’re renting a car or hosting a person in an apartment, ensure that it’s still the right person getting access. 

Stop account takeovers

Bolster security by helping users secure accounts against leaked passwords and phishing scams. 

Streamline age-restricted deliveries

With a quick selfie, be certain that it’s still the same person receiving an age-restricted product. 

Talk to us

Replace cumbersome legacy authentication methods with Veriff’s Biometric Authentication, making it simple for users and strengthening security. Get in touch with us to get started. 


Veriff is compliant with GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.

Version 2.0,
Level AA