Trust is everything. Make it bulletproof.

Layers of protection that use machine learning to access client sessions in real time. The gold standard in stopping online identity fraud in its tracks.

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Great power that’s easy to use

Once we have a deal and an account for you, you’ll just need a code snippet to start veriffing.
Log in, copy our code, and drop it into your own. To begin, please talk to our sales folks.

Technical details

1. Sign up and log in

2. Add a code snippet

3. Start veriffing

190+ countries

Veriff supports IDs from every corner of the world.

All devices

From iOS to Android, Blackberry and offshore oil rigs. No platform left behind.

Main features

Protects your conversion rate

Veriff monitors fraudsters’ weapons and methods, so we can adapt your defenses. And it won’t slow your conversion rate.

Real-time feedback

Veriff uses machine learning to assess client sessions in real time. If the user fails to show the document or the light is poor, they are automatically instructed to fix the issue.

Frictionless liveness checks

We’ll know if a user is trying to trick the system. We run a background video and use proprietary methods to verify that the session is not prerecorded or artificial.

Covers planet Earth and its devices

We verify 400+ document types in 190+ countries. Veriff is made for the web, the mobile web, iOS, and Android.

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Layered fraud detection

Fraud evolves and current defenses will age. We use many detection layers and gather thousands of data points to stop baddies without slowing down most users.
Persistent fingerprinting

Our systems assign a digital signature to all end users. We have enough data points to identify habitual fraudsters, so we can flag or reject them in real time.

Device fingerprinting

We analyze the device used for verification and compare hundreds of parameters with blacklists, past behavior, and search for inconsistencies.

Registry checks

Validates the ID data readout against public, private, and government databases.

Document validation

Makes sure that government-issued IDs have all the visual security elements, data, and other features of an authentic document.

Data validation

Ensures that ID data is consistent and complies with worldwide standards. Is machine-readable data standardized? Does it match the person’s details?

Facial comparison

Makes sure that the unique biometric characteristics on the selfie match those on the ID photo. Puffy faces are fine. Our deep-learning technology delivers results.

Video analysis

Extracts biometric information from a video feed, not just photos. This is unique to Veriff. Building the feature was harder than a woodpecker’s lips.

Real-time results

An optional 24/7 service handles fallback situations where an identity couldn’t be verified automatically. Beauty sleep is for Bambi. We keep going.

Eagle-eyed specialists

Our Europe-based QA team is a forensic powerhouse. It detects how fraudsters innovate and suggests improvements to the machine-learning team.

Cherries on the cake

Go beyond the basics. Scalable security and customizable flows are why clients go the Veriff way.
Modern back office

Easily monitor your customer verification sessions and decisions.

Flexible localization for priority clients

We can add new languages in two weeks.

White-label design

The verification flow can be designed to reflect your brand.

Instant support

Qualified specialists are always online.

Case studies

Short insights into how we make customers happy.

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How can I get Veriff?

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