Identity verification platform

Don’t place obstacles between users and your product. Leave the identity verification to us and focus on doing what you do best.

Veriff Station view of ID verification statuses
Veriff Station view of ID verification statuses

An end-to-end verification service

3D illustration of Verification Flow1

Verification Flow

User data is gathered for analysis during verification sessions.
3D illustration of Verification Engine2

Verification Engine

Data inputs are run through automated and manual analyses.
3D illustration of Verification Platform3

Verification Platform

Live session statuses and results can be viewed in Veriff Station.

1. Data collection via verification flows

More information in fewer steps

While our verification flows look simple, most of the work happens behind the scenes. Browser and device analytics, optional background video checks, and other data cross-checking methods run in the background to maximize accuracy without cutting your conversion rates.

Select between 35 languages

Verify 7,700+ government-issued IDs

Customize web and mobile flows

Add or remove steps for your users

Optional background video

Assisted image capture

Select an ID type verification screen
Take a selfie screen for identity verification
Confirm that the selfie is clear ID verification flow screen
Take a photo of your identity document screen
Identity verification complete screen
3D illustration of verification engine

2. Configure our verification engine

Enable the checks you need

When it comes to identity verification, a one-size-fits-all solution does not work. Optional features make it possible to scale fraud protection up or down according to your requirements for compliance, speed, and conversions.

Network and device analytics

Automated data extraction

Manual and automated ID checks

Biometric analysis

Liveness checks

PEP and sanctions checks

3. Your one-stop verification platform, Veriff Station

Monitor results in real time

View session statuses in real time, manage multiple integrations, and automate the flow of information with webhooks in one place. Veriff Station is used by startups and enterprise clients for maximum visibility and comes with a 30-day free trial for all future partners.

Live data at your fingertips

Test integration option

Team roles

Webhook configuration

30-day free trial

Identity verification platform view

Pay for the services you need

Sign up and get started in less than a day with our standard self-service plans,
or go Enterprise for a fully customized solution.

Want to learn more?

Our blog is packed with insights from the people who make verifying millions of identities a year possible.

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