Product and pricing

Connecting companies with honest people

Don’t place obstacles between customers and your product. Leave the identity verification to us and focus on doing what you do best.

Simplified identity verification flows

Ease users through the process

Get the layers of protection you need with pass rates of up to 93%. Veriff runs optional live video in the background to extract data and conduct liveness checks. Your customers won’t be asked to do any above-the-shoulder gymnastics, because we already know if the session is real.

Real-time user feedback

Easy liveness checks

Layered facial recognition

Device and network analytics

AI speeds up the process

Implementation details

As easy to set up as it is to use

Integrate with any app or website

You don’t need an engineering department to know your customers. Every Veriff employee goes through the setup process as part of their onboarding. It’s as easy as logging in, creating an integration, and pasting the script into your app or website. If they can do it, so can you.

How to set up Veriff >

Mobile and desktop SDK

22 languages supported

Global team of QA specialists

Help when you need it

Meet Veriff Station

Layered security in a single platform

Flexible pricing and custom integrations are what make Station, our new verification platform, so special. View session statuses in real time, manage multiple integrations, and automate the flow of information with webhooks in one place.

More about Veriff Station >

Live data at your fingertips

Test integration option

Team roles

Configure decision profiles

Automate with webhooks

Dashboard view

Pricing real people, not attempts

Pay for the services you need

Get free verification services for three months. After that, there are no yearly commitments or inescapable contracts. We believe in the power of Veriff, and know you will, too.

Closed Beta


500 verifications

3-month trial


Your first three months are on us. Use them to get to know Veriff, then sign up for a plan that works for you.

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Closed Beta


200 verifications

Billed monthly


€2.50 per additional verification

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Closed Beta


500 verifications

Billed monthly


€2.30 per additional verification

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1500+ verifications

Flexible billing


Can’t find the right plan? Industries, volumes, and contexts are different. Talk to our sales team about your needs and we’ll create a plan that works for you.

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All prices are VAT exclusive. You will be taxed according to where your company is registered. Tax rates differ between countries and are subject to change.


Case studies

Short insights into how we protect clients and restore trust in the online world.

Case studies

The companies we protect

Veriff makes it easy to connect with honest customers, which is why our clients choose us for online identity verification. Here are some of their stories.

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