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Our Enterprise plan is cost-effective, customizable, and includes access to additional identity verification solutions. Alternatively, our Self-Serve plans offer flexibility and scalability.

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Everything you need to transform your business - with access to the full identity verification platform, enhanced functionality, new products as they are released, and so much more.

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Enhanced fraud detection to safeguard your business and users

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Configurable flows and decision engine

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Dedicated strategic account management, technical support, and highly trained experts

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Detailed reporting and analytics

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Volume-based pricing discounts

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Personalized branding to suit your business

Let’s build the perfect identity verification solution for your specific needs!

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To select the most appropriate Self-Serve plan for your business, use the calculator below

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Enterprise Plan

Contact us for Enterprise plan options with dedicated support teams and access to additional identity verification solutions. We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today.


Are there any setup or implementation charges?

There are no additional charges for set up or implementation.

No. With Veriff, you only pay for actual verification sessions, not for retry attempts.

No. All of our verification specialists are in-house, employed directly by Veriff, and based in the European Union.

There are no hidden charges, you’ll only be charged for the sessions you use.

Yes, you can change your plan whenever you need a different type of service. Once you’re a subscriber, you can change your plan at any time and the change will be effective immediately.

Please keep in mind that during the trial period the change of plan will trigger the end of the trial.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Simply select your plan under the subscription page when logged in.

You’ll be notified ahead of coming to the end of your free trial. Your service will simply roll on to Pay As You Go with a monthly invoice. Remember, you’ll only be charged for the sessions you use, and never re-submissions.

Once you have an active subscription you can cancel at any time. Also, before every billing cycle, you’ll receive a reminder email about the upcoming charge.

To cancel your active subscription, navigate to the subscription page in Veriff Station, and you will be able to manage your subscription directly.

Select our Enterprise plan if you anticipate your identity verification volumes will exceed 1,000 sessions a month. Select one of our Self-Serve plans if you are unsure of your monthly volume or you just want more flexibility. Don’t worry, you can always upgrade at a later date.

If you would like the reassurance of a longer-term contract, with cost-effective pricing contact us.

You can get started by just creating an account and signing up for the free trial. To activate the trial, please also complete the Mandatory Identity Verification ("Mandatory IDV") within the initial 15-day period after signing up on Veriff's platform. This step is crucial for platform security and compliance, enabling access to our services, including trial periods. In case you encounter any difficulties during your first attempt, our customer support is ready to assist. However, failure to complete the IDV within 15 days or in the second attempt might lead us to consider the account as inactive, potentially resulting in the suspension or termination of the Agreement and the discontinuation of access to Veriff services.

Subject to the satisfactory completion of the Mandatory IDV, Customer shall have access to a 15 day free Trial Period before starting the Term under this Agreement. Trial Periods are only available to new Customers (i.e. Customers who have never previously accessed the Service). Following expiry of the Trial Period, the Agreement will automatically renew for an initial subscription period unless otherwise agreed by the Customer and Veriff in writing.

By selecting this Service plan, Customer acknowledges that it is agreeing to the following restrictions on the number of Sessions submitted to the Service: (a) a maximum of five (5) Sessions per minute can be submitted to the Service, and (b) a maximum of 5,000 Sessions per month can be submitted to the Service (individual or collectively "Usage Cap(s)"). Customer must manage the number of  Session submissions within the specified limits above. Should Customer anticipate surpassing either or both of these Usage Caps, then Customer should request to enter into an Order Form for the purchase of the Service that will support Customer's anticipated usage above these Usage Caps. In the event Customer exceeds one or both Usage Caps set forth above, then Customer acknowledges that Veriff may place limitations on the Service to slow and/or prevent the submission of additional Sessions until such time as the Session traffic is in compliance with the above stated Usage Caps.

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Free sandbox integration testing environment that will enable you to configure and test your verification flow to perfection before going live.