Veriff vs other alternatives

Veriff: the only identity platform partner you need

Veriff is the preferred identity platform partner for global businesses. Faster decision times, and the largest document library and language coverage, make it ideal for growing businesses to stay compliant, fight fraud, and onboard customers securely.


Why Veriff is the best IDV alternative 

See how we are performing against other IDV providers on average*

 more supported documents
more supported languages and dialects
faster response time
more real-time feedbacks

*This information was collected from public-facing materials found on competitors' websites, GitHubs, customer service, and from information volunteered to Veriff from prospects and customers.

Why businesses choose Veriff

If you’re a business that is onboarding new customers, expanding into new markets and scaling at pace, then Veriff is the choice for you.

Customer stories: Learn why so many businesses are choosing Veriff 

Unlock better verification with Veriff. See the testing results of customers who tested Veriff in a competitive A/B testing situation with another vendor. 

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A Gaming company wanted to confirm that it could onboard users in Mexico with >80% conversion rate and deliver verification decisions in <60 seconds. They tested Veriff and saw a 100% pass rate and a median verification time of 48.5 seconds. We are delighted that this company is now a Veriff customer.

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A global crypto exchange needed to onboard new users quickly and with very high levels of accuracy from many different countries worldwide. The testing results delivered 97.6% extraction accuracy and 98.2% verification accuracy. This company is now a Veriff customer.

Crypto exchange
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A US and LATAM focussed Money Transfer company was looking for an IDV provider who could deliver high levels of accuracy & fraud detection and verification results in less than 25 seconds. The testing results using Veriff showed 100% extraction accuracy, 100% verification accuracy and verification decisions at a median rate across all test sessions of just 15.8 seconds. This company is now a Veriff customer.

Money Transfer
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A US-based financial investment services company extensively tested Veriff's IDV solutions via API. With a median verification response time of 7.7 seconds and 90.3% extraction accuracy plus 98.5% verification accuracy, this organization quickly became a Veriff customer.

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This African-based Neobank wanted to test Veriff for its Nigerian customer base. Veriff's test results delivered a median verification time of 7.6 seconds and 95.23% accuracy rate.

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This EU based retailer needed to find an IDV provider who could support them as they expanded their business into other geographic regions including key countries in Asia. Veriff's test results delivered a 96.8% extraction accuracy rate and 98.8% verification accuracy rate. This company is now a Veriff customer.

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This leading European-based digital staffing agency needed to verify that new candidates had the legal right to work in the specific country using different document types depending on local requirements. Veriff's testing results delivered 100% accuracy for data extraction of the presented documents and 100% verification accuracy rates.

Digital Staffing Agency
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Our product capabilities speak for themselves, that’s why we are confident that when you test us against your current IDV provider we will come out on top. Request a demo today to get started and unlock the power of Veriff.

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How does Veriff’s customer service compare to competitors? 

Veriff's enterprise solutions include access to teams of experts including, implementation, account management, and solutions engineering to ensure your solution is optimized for your use cases. Unlike other IDV platforms, we do not charge for these extra services. We work tirelessly to deliver not only the best-in-class technology but also to provide ongoing partnership and support to address our customer's needs. The level of support Veriff brings is truly unmatched in the market. Read more here.

Our enterprise solutions include volume discounts, and access to account management teams, to find out more click here. If you want to take advantage of our self-service solutions, click here to access our plans page. Our pricing is transparent, with no additional charges for setup, implementation, maintenance, or support.

Absolutely! Try the verification user flow yourself or contact us to see a custom demo of the product.

Veriff's verification flow is translated into 48 languages. You can find an updated list of languages supported for verification here.

Veriff's verification flow supports more than 11,300 government-issued IDs. Veriff verifies documents that are approved as valid ID documents and are available in official document databases. You can find an updated list of documents supported for verification here.

Veriff does not charge extra for implementation and support.

Our in-house verification specialists are permanent employees, who are highly trained and based inside the EU.


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
Level AA