Fraud Protect

Protect your business from identity fraud

Veriff Fraud Protect utilizes machine learning powered checks, advanced fraud network mitigation strategies, and our team of in-house experts to help protect your organization against fraud.


Fight fraud during customer onboarding

Veriff’s continually evolving, anti-fraud features analyze a range of data points during identity verification to verify more genuine users and keep bad actors at bay.

Fraud Protect

Approve more genuine users, eliminate more fraud

Fraud Protect is our core package of fraud mitigation features, designed to protect your organization during the IDV process while minimizing friction for your genuine users. It combines advanced machine learning models and fraud-detection expertise to detect patterns and deliver industry-leading protection.


Analyzes and provides key insights about the presented document in order to detect signs of physical or digital data or structural manipulation.


Collects and analyzes multiple signals from the user’s device and network to identify potential risks.


Performs biometric analysis on the user’s selfie image for signs of physical or digital manipulation.

FaceCheck Liveness

Analyzes the biometric characteristics from a submitted selfie image to check if the subject is real and physically present during the verification, checking for signs of manipulation or presentation attacks.


Prevents individuals suspected of fraud from repeatedly attempting to access your business in the future by adding their facial biometrics to a blocklist.


Utilizes document, device, network, and behavioral indicators to flag potential links between different sessions, defending your business against potentially high-risk users or fraud rings. 

Industry CrossLinks

Utilizes Veriff’s network of global customers to uncover fraud patterns and block repeated offenders across different organizations.

Insights in Station

The insights and fraud risk signals identified by Fraud Protect features are available in Veriff Station to be explored and to inform decision making.

Fraud Expertise

Our team of in-house experts continually update and improve fraud features to stay ahead of emerging fraud threats.

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The US economy is facing a surge in online fraud. Discover insights from US business leaders on the impact of fraud and how they are fighting back.

Verify genuine users and keep fraudsters out

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Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


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