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Veriff protects businesses and their customers from online identity fraud. We check people and documents from more than 190 countries, using technology so advanced it feels like aliens built it.

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Your next noble mission

If you think crime sucks and good people deserve trust, let’s talk. Hundreds of Veriffians are building the first fraudproof identity provider and reputation platform for every connected human, and the businesses that serve them. How’s that for global ambition?

Our founder Kaarel Kotkas wanted a career in medical science. Luckily, he got sidetracked by what became Veriff. Today, there’s total focus. Join us. Let’s make the world trust itself again. (Explore the website to get a better feel for it all.)

Five keys to the Veriffian mind

As you consider applying for a job, consider these guiding principles as well.

We lean on them in moments of confusion. If you’re cool with our thinking, you’re cool with us.

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Trust, meet accountability

We trust each other to make the right decisions and keep our promises. We also expect accountability for our actions.

That’s because Veriff handles people’s most sensitive data. Companies stake their revenues and reputations on us. With that comes great responsibility.

Ideas are free. Execution is priceless.

It’s not the thought that counts. Innovation is created by action.

Yes, we challenge the status quo, we question our own work, and we ask why a lot. No method or technology is too sacred. But ideas alone are not innovation. Execution is. So grab the glowing idea of what can be and make it into what is.

Bring a solution. Always.

Found a problem? Now, what’s your fix?

Whether it’s coffee machines or product strategy, don’t complain. Don’t point fingers. Don’t make excuses. All that wastes time. Take ownership, learn new things and come up with your own solution. Then, let us praise your genius (or Googling skills).

We have each other’s backs

However magnificent our skills, experiences and backgrounds, above all we’re good people.

We are individual performers: smart, strong, and capable of making decisions alone. But as a team, we’re still friendly, respectful, and supportive. We say hi in the hallway. We celebrate each other’s victories. When someone falls, we help them up. That’s what makes us invincible.

We are a force for good

Pause to think why we’re doing this. Take pride in your work.

We’re making the internet safer. Eventually, we’ll make it possible for good people to be trusted anywhere in the world, online and off. It’ll take a while, but together we’ll gain the trust of the internet. One day you’ll look back and say, “Yup, we really did something good here.”

Open positions

Come rid the world of demon fraudsters.

We’ve already set up a desk for you and there’s stuff in the fridge.

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Angels to the right, demons to the left. As we build the infrastructure of trust for the internet, this team protects honest people and businesses from online identity fraud.

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Alchemists of technology so advanced it feels as if aliens built it. Experienced, independent thinkers and doers who don’t need parenting. Technical sophistication, meet global reach.

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Chances are it’ll be here. Check back soon and follow our feeds on Instagram and Facebook. We’re growing fast and new jobs pop up all the time.

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Guardians of every Veriffian’s ability to do their job well. From finance to legal to people and office operations, Admin stands for internal order and happiness.

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Business Development

Did someone say customer success, onboarding, and support? Or sales and account management? That’s the sound of biz dev making customers happy and keeping them that way.

Didn’t find your role?

Chances are it’ll be here. Check back soon and follow our feeds on Instagram and Facebook. We’re growing fast and new jobs pop up all the time.