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Veriff's a Lighthouse in Identity Verification Sector

Kaarel Kotkas, the founder and CEO of Veriff gave an interview to Baltic Startup Mafia podcast talking about how Veriff was started and where it is heading. Tune in!

AuthorKarita Sall, August 17th, 2020

Only at the age 26, Kaarel has built a 230-people global company that recently closed 15,5 million USD financing round. Kaarel has never worked in big corporations and has always built projects and companies based on his own understanding and what he wants the company to be. Veriff is his 12th project: "I recommend everybody to start a business as early as possible because you will make a lot of mistakes. But when young and still living at home, you have got a roof above your head and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table."

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Karita Sall

Karita Sall

Head of Global Communication

Karita Sall is the Head of Global Communication at Veriff. Karita has been working in the field of communication for over 20 years. During that time she has helped many organizations to tell their stories including start-ups, global corporations, government bodies as well as non-profits.

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