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Powerful Document & Identity Verification for Streamlined Onboarding

Onboard more genuine customers with Veriff's Identity and Document Verification solution. It is proven to deliver speed, convenience, and low friction for your users resulting in high conversion rates, fraud mitigation, and operational efficiency for your business.


Verify individuals in seconds, anywhere in the world

Veriff’s Identity and Document Verification solution combines AI-powered automation with reinforced learning from human feedback, and if required, manual validation. With support for more than 11,500 document specimens from more than 230 countries and territories, we offer speed, convenience, and reduced friction to convert more users, mitigate fraud, and comply with regulations.

Why this product

Robust and multi-point checks mitigate fraud and non-compliance risk

Verify that people are who they say they are, ensure that the correct checks are carried out, and help reduce the risk for your business.

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IDV that works for you

We understand that every organization has a unique view of how to balance speed, conversion, and fraud mitigation during the identity verification process. That’s why we offer the following options:

Full Auto

Fully automated AI solution

Highly automated AI solution
supported by our verification specialists

Great for businesses that require the fastest speed, highest conversion, and detailed session insights.

Designed for businesses that want to balance speed with accuracy, fraud prevention, and risk insights.

  • 5s verification speed
  • Highest conversion
  • Good accuracy
  • Detailed session insights and scores
  • Quick with the highest accuracy
  • Our most enhanced fraud prevention 
  • Reassurance of expert IDV specialists
  • Enhanced risk insights and RiskScore available

How IDV works

The user is asked to take a photo of their government-issued identity document and a simple selfie. This can be completed on a device and platform of their choice, as Veriff supports iOS, Android™, mobile web, and web SDK or API.

User takes a photo of their identity document

Veriff guides the user through the entire process with real-time feedback and automatically identifies the document type, so the user doesn't have to manually enter data. This makes the process quicker and minimizes typing errors.

The user is asked to take a simple selfie and Veriff’s Assisted Image Capture lets them know immediately if there’s something wrong with the image. We quickly detect liveness and realness without asking users to move unnaturally or follow complex instructions.

The data is securely sent to Veriff and our AI-powered identity verification technology provides a decision in a matter of seconds based on the identity checks your business requires. 

Get genuine users onboarded faster while fighting identity fraud.

Verify 11,500+ identity documents

Veriff supports over 11,500 identity documents from across 230+ countries and territories. Our global reach enables you to verify users from all corners of the world.

Supports 48 unique languages and dialects

We have localized our end-user flows for the world’s biggest markets, and the more languages we offer, the more customers you can attract. With 48 languages and dialects provided, our team continues to expand our reach to support the strategic growth ambitions of our clients.

PEP and sanctions screening

Screen customers against thousands of sanctions and PEP watchlists including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, and more globally, with real-time updates.

Adverse information and media

Scan more than 150 million adverse media sources to identify negative news for predicate offenses, and potential risks.

Ongoing monitoring

Continuously monitor watchlists and adverse media for changes that may create risk.

Assisted Image Capture

Veriff uses machine-learning technology to assess client sessions in real time and guide users during the selfie and document capture. Clear and actionable user feedback due to poor lighting, glare, cropped ID, and obstructed facial images are just a few examples of how Assisted Image Capture pre-validates and boosts first-time pass rates.

Network and device analytics

In addition to document and selfie checks, Veriff automatically checks more than 1,000 data points such as network and device analytics to combat evolving fraud typologies.


Veriff can determine if a session or user is real or a spoof attempt, without unnecessary input from the user. Your customers won't have to complete any additional actions for Veriff's liveness detection.

Biometric analysis

Biometric information is extracted from photos and an optional non-disruptive background video to confirm that a user is who they say they are.


Add or remove steps for your users

Our identity verification experts work with you to determine which data inputs Veriff should gather from your users, as well as what checks to conduct depending on your conversion and compliance needs. End-user flows can be as simple as an automated ID check, or as advanced as a fully recorded and manually reviewed session, including selfies and a photo with their chosen ID.

Customize end-user flows

You can modify the color schemes in Veriff’s mobile and web end-user flows to align with your branding, as well as add your logo. From color customization to complete white labeling, our team is here to help you seamlessly integrate into your customer journey.

Optional background video

Our verification flows come with optional background video recording, allowing us to conduct advanced fraud prevention checks with minimal input from your users.

Enhanced learning

Reinforced learning from human feedback (RLHF) means that newly issued document specimens can rapidly be added to our database and be used within our automation without risking high false positive rates due to untrained algorithms.

Automated identity document checks

Veriff uses machine learning to compare the asserted identity document with our specimen document database. This process can identify fraudulent and tampered documents.

Identification and data extraction

Our extensive document database improves document detection and identification. Data is automatically extracted from the asserted identity document as soon as it is submitted which speeds up verification sessions. Using Webhooks, you can instantly receive primary data, such as name, expiration date, birth date, and document number depending on your requirements.

Fight fraud and keep your users safe

Get in touch with a Veriff expert to learn more about how effective identity and document verification helps to quickly convert more users and mitigate fraud and money laundering.

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Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


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