Fraud Intelligence

Elevate your fraud mitigation efforts with advanced intelligence

Veriff Fraud Intelligence enhances your ability to mitigate threats with enriched insights and a consolidated RiskScore to enable more effective investigation and decision-making.


Fraud detection and intelligence to stay ahead of evolving threats

Strengthen your fraud strategies with greater intelligence, data, and expertise from Veriff

Fraud Intelligence

Better intelligence, better fraud mitigation

Fraud Intelligence is a powerful package of fraud mitigation features and risk insights. It analyzes risk signals during the identity verification process to detect fraud while surfacing actionable risk-related intelligence and insights. This intelligence and a consolidated RiskScore are available in Veriff Station or via API to your in-house systems, enhancing your investigations and informing your decisions.


Analyzes and provides key insights about the presented document in order to detect signs of physical or digital data or structural manipulation.


Collects and analyzes multiple signals from the user’s device and network to identify potential risks.


Performs biometric analysis on the user’s selfie image for signs of physical or digital manipulation.

FaceCheck Liveness

Analyzes the biometric characteristics from a submitted selfie image to check if the subject is real and physically present during the verification, checking for signs of manipulation or presentation attacks.


Prevents individuals suspected of fraud from repeatedly attempting to access your business in the future by adding their facial biometrics to a blocklist.

FaceBlock Import

Stops repeated fraudsters, those who break community guidelines, extend physical bans to the online world and enforce gambling self-exclusion lists.


Utilizes document, device, network, and behavioral indicators to flag potential links between different sessions, defending your business against potentially high-risk users or fraud rings. 

Industry CrossLinks

Utilizes Veriff’s network of global customers to uncover fraud patterns and block repeated offenders across different organizations.


Delivers a single, actionable numeric value that represents the overall risk associated with an identity verification session, enabling you to make fast and efficient assessments, implement new strategies, and fine-tune existing fraud rules to defend against evolving threats. Use it to get a high-level view of the session’s fraud risk or as a key part of your in-house model.

Fraud Expertise

Veriff’s global in-house fraud prevention experts identify trends as they unfold and react quickly to evolving threats. The team can work with your fraud operations team to develop the most robust fraud mitigation strategies.

Insights in Station & Intelligence over API

Greater access to data and risk signals. Explore and investigate sessions in the Veriff Station interface or consume key data over API / Webhook to enhance your own systems.

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