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Bolster identity verification with Proof of Address capture

Know that people are who they say they are — and where they live — by adding Veriff's Proof of Address capture to your business' real-time identity verification flow. Verify real customers and their addresses in seconds.

How Proof of Address capture helps businesses

Veriff ensures people are who they say they are, and live where they say they live, while fighting identity fraud and financial crime. 

How Proof of Address works

Add Proof of Address to your identity verification integration to make it easy for real people to prove their address.

Snap a picture

Users are asked to upload or use the camera on their device to take a picture of a document, typically a utility or credit card bill, that includes their physical address.

Proof of Address documents are uploaded and notifications can be triggered to let you know the submission is complete. Documents can be accessed in Veriff Station via API.

Proof of Address capture streamlines collection and access of documents so your POA compliance procedures are met and ensures that you stay within regulations without the headache.

That’s it – get real users onboarded fast while fighting identity fraud.

Verify 10,200+ government issued IDs

Veriff supports over 10,200 government-issued IDs from 190 countries. Our global reach allows you to verify customers from all corners of the world.

Select between over 45 languages and dialects

We localized our end-user flows for the world’s biggest markets, and the more languages we offer, the better. With 45 languages and dialects today, our team will continue to expand our reach to keep up with the strategic visions of our clients.

Assisted Image Capture

Veriff uses machine-learning technology to assess client sessions in real time and guide users during the photo-taking steps. Poor lighting, glare, and cropped IDs are just a few examples of how Assisted Image Capture pre-validates submissions and boosts first-time pass rates. 

Add or remove steps for your users

Our identity verification experts work with you to determine which data inputs Veriff should gather from your users, as well as what checks to conduct depending on your conversion and compliance needs. End-user flows can be as simple as an automated ID check, or as advanced as a fully recorded and manually reviewed session, including selfies and a photo with their selected ID.

Biometric analysis

Biometric information is extracted from photos and non-disruptive background video (optional) to confirm that a user is who they say they are.

Network and device analytics

As a fraud prevention measure, Veriff analyzes the device and network used for a verification session and assigns each a fingerprint. Along with hundreds of other parameters, including personal data on the ID, the data is then cross-checked with PEP and sanctions lists, past behavior, and other inconsistencies before a decision is made.


Veriff can determine if a session or user is real without unnecessary activity from the user. These checks involve analyzing photos and video (if enabled) and are conducted behind the scenes. Your customers won't have to complete any additional steps for liveness detection.

Get Proof of Address

Tell us a bit about your business needs and we’ll put you in touch with our team of experts to help you get started with Proof of Address from Veriff.



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