Age Verification

Securely and easily verify users’ ages

Simply, Veriff can help businesses comply with regulators, keep platforms protected from liability, and maintain brand integrity with Age Verification. Veriff makes acquiring new customers worth the investment, converting more people into customers, while stopping bad actors from exploiting your service. 

How age verification protects your business

Age verification is crucial for any business that has an age requirement, and with booming businesses like alcohol delivery services and burgeoning mobility companies, it is important to maintain trust with customers.

Stop fraud in its tracks

Veriff’s verification flow easily identifies if users meet your age criteria, while also fighting against all types of fraud. We go beyond just simple document checks, and utilize device and behavioral analytics to fight off bad actors. 

  • Identity theft & synthetic fraud
    The verification flow stops anyone from using an ID that is not their own to gain access to gated content or products. 
  • Velocity & campaign abuse
    Veriff protects against fraudulent campaigns and repeated account access by using analytics to monitor personal and device behaviors. 
  • Continuous authentication with Biometric Authentication
    All the user needs to do is take a selfie to authenticate their identity in the future, and we do the rest to ensure they are who they say they are when they return to your platform. 

Why trust Veriff With age verification?

Veriff is the most comprehensive identity verification platform in the world — and that’s no coincidence. We value your business’ and customer’s security and ease above all else.

  • Global coverage
    Veriff supports 10K+ documents from around the globe, allowing businesses to verify any customer’s identity within seconds.
  • Easy user flow
    Our process is streamlined for users with our guided user flow, which increases user retention and acceptance rate, ensuring your customers are verified quickly and easily. 
  • Biometric Authentication
    Veriff uses a multi-vector approach to authenticate the identity of returning users; using ongoing authentication and device and network analytics. 

Stay on top of fraud prevention

Ensure that your business is onboarding real customers in record time. Veriff’s fraud detection system is the best in the business.

  • Real-time image capture
    We use a real-time capturing method to ensure realness of documents, people, and understand context beyond images with real-time image and video capturing. 
  • Beyond document checks
    Veriff goes beyond the simple document checks to device, network, and browser analytics and identifies the user and their previous activities from the start.
  • Adapting to avoid bad actors
    Veriff’s device, network, user, and document analytics uses 1000’s of data points to adapt and stop fraud, preventing fraudsters from plaguing your platform.

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Veriff is compliant with GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.

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