Age Verification

Seamless and automated age checks

Veriff makes it quick and easy for your age-appropriate users to access age-gated content, services, or products, which can be achieved online or onsite. Comply with legal obligations, safeguard users, and maintain your brand integrity with Veriff.


How age verification protects your business

Age verification is crucial for any business that has an age restriction. For rapidly growing businesses like delivery services, gaming platforms, unsupervised vending, and mobility companies, it is important to not only comply with required age restrictions, but to reinforce trust with your users.

Comply with legal obligations

Failing to meet regulatory requirements and enabling underage users to access your goods and services can result in fines and, in some cases, the loss of business licenses. Safeguard your business by only allowing age-appropriate users to gain access to your products or online platforms.

  • Simple and convenient
    Veriff uses state-of-the-art AI-based age verification solutions to minimize the effort required by the user to confirm their age and meet your minimum age requirements.
  • Keeping users safe
    Age verification ensures that only age-appropriate users can access your services or buy age-restricted goods. Veriff can help to protect your business and safeguard your users.

Enhance user experience

Know your users are the right age while providing an optimized user experience.

  • Increase conversion rates
    An easy-to-use, intuitive process instantly checks if an individual is over your specified age.
  • Global reach and inclusivity
    Veriff supports organizations to engage with users around the world, with 48 languages and dialects processed and available via API, Web, and SDK.

Stay on top of fraud prevention

Ensure that your business is engaging with genuine users. Veriff’s verification flow easily identifies if users meet your age criteria, while also mitigating fraud.

  • Prevent manipulation
    A combination of liveness detection, face blocklisting, device fingerprinting, and dynamic fraud checks will prevent manipulation without impacting the experience of genuine users.
  • Adapting to avoid bad actors
    Veriff’s device, network, user, and document analytics use thousands of data points to identify and stop fraud, preventing fraudsters from accessing your platforms.

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Automate age checks

Harnessing the power of digital innovation, accurately verify your users’ age in seconds.

Protect your brand

Ensure only authorized users can access age-gated content, preventing potential liabilities.

Safeguard minors

Protect your business and safeguard minors by only allowing age-appropriate users to access your online services and communities.

Make it easy for real people to become your customers

Our identity verification experts are ready to optimize the ideal ID verification experience for your business and help you deploy in a single integration.


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
Level AA