Age Estimation

Increase conversions with a selfie-based age check

Veriff’s Age Estimation solution uses facial biometric analysis to estimate a user’s age without requiring the user to provide an identity document. This low-friction solution will enable you to convert more users faster.


Verify your user’s age without requiring identity documents

Make it easy for any users who want to access age-gated products or services but who do not want to share their identity document possibly for privacy or ethical reasons. Or, enable those who do not have an approved or supported identity document, to demonstrate their age.

How Age Estimation works

See how easy it is to estimate user age

The user takes a selfie

The user takes a quick selfie. Veriff's real-time feedback can guide the user in case of any issues while taking the photo.

The selfie is quickly analyzed by Veriff, and our AI-powered technology provides an estimated age in seconds. Liveness and fraud checks are performed in real time so that you can approve genuine users.

Veriff sends you the user’s estimated age which enables you to make the decision to allow, deny, or request additional age verification for age-restricted goods or services.

Select between 48 languages and dialects

We localized our end-user flows for the world’s biggest markets, and the more languages we offer, the more user populations we can support. With 48 languages and dialects today, our team will continue to expand our reach to keep up with the strategic visions of our clients.

Assisted Image Capture

Veriff uses machine-learning technology to assess client sessions in real time and guide users during the photo-taking steps. Poor lighting and obstructed facial images are examples of how Assisted Image Capture pre-validates images and boosts conversions.


Network and device analytics

As a fraud prevention measure, Veriff analyzes the device and network used for a verification session and assigns each a unique fingerprint. Along with hundreds of other parameters, past behavior, and other inconsistencies before a result is provided.

Liveness detection

Veriff can determine if a session or user is real or a spoof attempt, without unnecessary activity from the user. Your users won't have to complete any additional steps for Veriff’s liveness detection.

Fight fraud & keep your users safe

Get in touch with a Veriff Identity Verification expert to learn more about how identity document verification stops fraud, while helping you convert more honest users.  

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