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Veriff Identity Fraud Report 2021

Our 2021 Identity Fraud Report is LIVE! Download it today to read a detailed analysis of 11 months of verifications, find out the insights we gained, and the trends we observed throughout the year.

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Karita Sall
December 7, 2021
Fraud Prevention

Veriff's 2021 Identity Fraud Report, looking at the trends we discovered throughout the last 11 months, is live!

You can download it by clicking the button above and completing a quick and simple form.

Why download it?

Well, here are the big headlines from 2021:

Identity fraud makes up nearly two-thirds of all fraud incidents globally and doubled compared to 2020

Identity fraud has often been the major player in the four main fraud types we encounter, but this year it skyrocketed. As businesses continued their transition online, this emboldened fraudsters to try and take advantage.

Fintech saw a 50% increase in fraudulent activity compared to the year before

Financial services had to stand firm against fraudsters in 2021, as they were hit with a barrage of attempted fraudulent behaviour compared to 2020.

Crypto’s net fraud rate is 7.44% and remains the most fraudulent industry compared to fintech and mobility

Despite the huge rise for fintech, crypto is still the industry hit hardest by online identity fraud. As it moves further into the mainstream and gains more attention and more new users, fraudsters look to exploit this and make big windfalls.

Global fraud has increased in the U.S. & Europe, with Europe seeing its fraud rate double from 2020

With so many big numbers, it's not a surprise to see that net fraud globally has been growing, with the U.S. getting a higher net fraud rate than Europe in 2021, despite a big jump there too. See all the number in detail in the full report.

How can you download it?

Just hit the button at the top of the page, or just below, complete the form, and grab the report.

Happy Reading!