Mobility Identity Verification

Make mobility use a seamless experience

Ride-sharing, scooter-sharing, and vehicle rental are all about convenience. Quick and easy verification ensures a smooth experience.
Veriff Station view of ID verification statuses
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Using mobility apps for ride and scooter sharing should be easy.

Veriff ensures that license verification isn’t a
roadblock to getting users moving.

Highly automated

Using AI and machine-learning, we offer a fully automated verification product which makes decisions in a matter of seconds. You can choose the level of automation you require to suit your balance between speed and fraud prevention.

Simple user experience

ID verification shouldn’t be a barrier for sign-ups, and Veriff ensures this. Using a selfie and an ID photo, we can tell you that your customer is exactly who they claim to be.

Guaranteed compliance

Using Veriff helps you meet KYC and regulatory compliance, so you’ll always know your customers, and have all the details you need at the moment you need them.

Thinking global

We currently cover 190 countries, verifying over 10,000 documents and working in 40 languages and dialects. Wherever your customers are in the world, we’re ready to help them.
Illustration of a person going through Veriff identity verificationIllustration of a person going through Veriff identity verification
Illustration of a person going through Veriff identity verificationIllustration of a person going through Veriff identity verification

Veriff is trusted around the globe

We have the numbers to back our statements

Why trust Veriff for your verification needs? Because we pride ourselves on our success and we have the numbers to back it up.
6sGet instant verification
95%Verified on the first try
30%Potential increase in conversion
40Languages and dialects supported
Document is clear ID verification flow screen
Take a selfie screen
Error taking selfie screen
Success taking selfie screen
Verification flow success screen

Verification customized the way you want

Ride-sharing and vehicle rental support a personalized lifestyle that Veriff simplifies

Verifying an individual’s drivers license is the bond that builds a trusted relationship between user and company. Veriff’s customizable options help you to build it to fit your brand.

Manual and Automatic document verification

Integrate quickly and easily

Add or remove steps for your users

We work better together

Clear verification is better for everyone involved

Through the help of the Veriff database and verification tools, you can feel safe knowing that every measure is taken to analyze all possible areas of identification and to provide you with the results.

Automated data extraction

Network and device analytics

Category extraction

Biometric analysis verification

Identity verification platform view
Fraud report

Identity Fraud Report 2021

Download Veriff's 2021 Fraud Report, and get a curated look at the year in fraud. The report breaks down fraud rates by industry, how rates have changed year-over-year, and our experts analyze the trends providing next-level insight.

Verify your users quickly and accurately

Starting from $229 a month - Veriff is priced competitively and provides real value, allowing users to get verified quickly and get going!

Know your customers and fight fraud

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