Driver Validation

Keep your users & your fleet safe 

Veriff can help you keep only legal drivers in your vehicles, while making it easier for drivers to use your product. We make it possible to keep drivers, riders, and your reputation safe.


Onboard more safe drivers, keep everyone safer on the roads

With a simple integration Veriff can verify that your new users are legally allowed to drive and onboard them onto your platform seamlessly — so seamlessly that our end user flow helps increase customer conversions on average by 30%. 

Comply with regulators

​​Not meeting regulatory requirements and renting cars to people who shouldn’t drive them can result in fines and, in some cases, losing business licenses. Safeguard your business by only allowing trustworthy drivers on your platform.

  • Simple and secure driver onboarding
    Veriff’s AI-based driver’s license verification ensures the person is using a valid license, extracts the document data for seamless onboarding, and ensures that the user getting verified is the actual owner of the document being submitted. 
  • Keeping roads safe
    Driver validation ensures that only people who should be driving are on the roads. Veriff can help protect your business and protect other drivers by ensuring only confirmed, legal drivers are using your vehicles.
  • Detecting fake driver licenses
    Detecting a fake driver’s license after the fact is very costly — whether it’s damage to your property, or people’s safety on the road. Keep the roads and your platform safe and secure.

Protect your brand and fleet

Ward off accidents and protect your reputation. Ensure your drivers’ identity by verifying their age and license type, and keep the roads safe while protecting your brand.

  • Know who is behind the wheel
    Use Biometric Authentication to ensure who is going to be behind the wheel. It’s as simple as asking for a selfie before a user unlocks a car, or before a driver starts their shift.
  • Confirm license type
    Having a driver’s license is not always enough to be able to drive a car. In the UK and the EU, you need special classifications for different vehicles and Veriff can confirm they are licensed and certified to drive. 
  • Experienced drivers only
    Veriff can extract the issuance and expiration dates on European driver’s licenses, enabling you to rent cars to users with enough driving experience.

Stay on top of fraud prevention

Ensure that your business is onboarding real customers in record time. Veriff’s fraud detection system is the best in the business.

  • Real-time image capture
    We use a real-time capturing method to ensure realness of documents, faces, and context beyond images with real-time image and video capturing. 
  • Beyond document checks
    Veriff goes beyond the simple document checks and utilizes device, network, and browser analytics to identify users and their previous activities from the start.
  • Adapting to avoid bad actors
    Veriff’s device, network, user, and document analytics uses 1000s of data points to adapt and stop fraud, preventing fraudsters from plaguing your platform.

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Our identity verification experts are ready to optimize the ideal ID verification experience for your business and help you deploy in a single integration.


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
Level AA