Trust is everything, make it bulletproof

Verify real people and identify fraud

Companies shielded against fraud

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Restoring trust, defeating fraud

Simple for people and companies

Add multiple layers of protection that work behind the scenes, giving your users room to move through the verification process. Veriff is built for speed, and customizing fast and frill-free flows that get the job done is what we do best.

Untouched Conversations

Untouched conversions

Our top-performing clients achieve pass rates of up to 93%.
Assisted User Flows

Assisted user flows

Our verification flows include real-time user feedback.
Scalable Security

Scalable security

Additional checks are added when you need them.
Assisted User Flows

Get free verification services for three months! Join the beta testing round for our new verification platform, Veriff Station.

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Smarter with every session

Get the best of both worlds

The combined forces of machine learning and eagle-eyed specialists keeps Veriff two steps ahead of digital fraud. AI speeds up sessions with immediate feedback, while manual checks by our verification gurus nip risks in the bud.

Pass rates of up to 93%

Average session time under 60s

Real-time user feedback

Liveness checks in the background

Device and network analytics

Specialists from 44+ countries

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Verify anyone, anywhere

Trust knows no borders

With 22 languages supported, you won’t find a verification service with this level of reach.

190+ countries served

Verify over 3,000 government-issued documents from every corner of the world.

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GermanyRussiaKazakhstanChileGreat Britain

No device left behind

Operating systems of all kinds are welcome, from iOS to Android to the archaic Blackberry.

Assisted User Flows

Join the Veriff Station launch

Closed beta sign-ups for Veriff Station, our new and improved verification platform, are now open. Join as one of the first 500 fast-growing companies admitted into the testing round, where you will receive free verification services for three months.

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Our blog is packed with insights from the people who make verifying millions of identities a year possible.