Identity Verification solution

Stop fraud. Build trust. Identity verification made simple.

AI-powered identity verification solution for identity fraud prevention, Know Your Customer compliance, and fast conversions of valuable customers with Veriff. Entrust identity verification to us and our identity experts, and focus on what you do best.

Make identity verification quick & easy

Veriff ensures the safety of both users and businesses by bringing transparency to digital interactions. Our state-of-the-art technology and team of experts verify that only trustworthy people have access to your digital spaces.

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Reviews play a vital role when consumers use and buy services and products, especially online — which is why it’s crucial that people can trust what they see on our platform.

Carolyn Jameson, TrustPilot Chief Trust Officer
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Over the past 4 years we’ve seen massive growth in our user base and in crypto, and Veriff has been a big part of ensuring that our growth was safe for our users and compliant.
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Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have verified over 466,000 customers, and Veriff has helped us to work more efficiently and provide additional security for our investors.

Marcis Gogis, Mintos Head of Product
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The new partnership with an innovative identity verification provider like Veriff supports our ambition to be the industry leader in safety and quality on our transportation platform.

Martin Villig, Bolt co-founder
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Partnering with Veriff allows Starship to autonomously deliver age-restricted items in the UK and beyond as we continue to take on new markets and stores at a rapid pace.

Ryan Tuohy, Starship Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales
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Build transparency online with Veriff

What stops fraudsters today may not stop them tomorrow. Veriff and its exceptional fraud team work around the clock to stay ahead of fraudsters. We continue to invest in innovation to offer leading identity fraud prevention technology.

Stop known bad actors
Flag repeat attempts
Analyze fraud patterns
curl -X POST \
--url '/v1/sessions/' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"verification": {
"vendorData": "user uuid",
"timestamp": "2016-05-19T08:30:25.597Z"

Developers: Made with you in mind

Integrate Veriff in a single integration and help build an internet that works better for everyone. Deploy with mobile (iOS and Android) and web SDKs, or integrate via API.


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
Level AA


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Our expert team are ready to help you build the identity verification solution that enables you to get real customers faster, while keeping fraudsters out.