Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer Identity and Access Management made easy

Manage user access and keep your business safe without damaging customer retention. Know your customers are who they say they are.


Customer identity and access management with biometrics and automation

Enroll users with Veriff's Identity Verification Solution and authenticate with Biometric Authentication. Seamless and simple for users and strengthening security for customer accounts and their data.

Automate user enrollment

In today’s digital age, remote onboarding is the standard and to be able to grow your business you need to have an automated C-IAM with a secure, fast, and accurate identification process. With Veriff, you’re ensuring a smooth UX for users and a fraud engine that detects, prevents, and blocks fraudsters in real-time.

  • Automated biometrics based identity verification
    Veriff AI ensures the document validity and realness, extracts the data (from 11k+ documents), and ensures that the person doing the session matches the owner of the document. 
  • Reduce user friction
    Accept more users with an AI-guided user experience that enables users to fix mistakes in real-time. Fill user profiles with extracted & verified data, reducing the steps & actions users need to make to become your customers. Assisted Image Capture helps more users get accepted
  • Built-in Fraud prevention
    Data breaches are a growing problem in today’s digital world, and there’s a need to have more than basic document checks. Data validation and enhanced document tampering detection are only one part of the puzzle — device, browser and network analytics are a necessity in fighting organized and recurring fraud.

User authentication

If a customer can’t log in for whatever reason, you’re losing business. Enhance your customer authentication & security experience, and make it easy for your users to continuously use your services.

  • Enhance your users security experience
    Bolster the security of your users’ experience, augment your 2FA and make it easy for a returning user to access their account.
  • Retain your customers
    Make it easier for your customers to stay your customers, using an automated biometric based authentication.
  • Replace KBA
    Ensure that it’s the same person behind the screen without having to recall unreliable security questions.

Automate your self service

​​We help users manage their data by triggering biometric authentication to help users reset their credentials, add a new bank account, and other events that require enhanced security.

  • Enhance the security of high value transactions
    Improve the security of high value and risky transactions with a biometric authentication — users only need to take a selfie!
  • Ensure a seamless & secure credentials reset
    Using Face Match, users can take a selfie and guarantee that their information is safe when they need to reset their account information.
  • Stop account takeovers
    Veriff employs a series of calculated checks including checking all data points on the documents, checking for manipulation, and comparing images against the customer's image for liveness and authenticity.

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Make it easy for real people to become your customers

Manage user access and keep your business safe without damaging customer retention. Know your customers are who they say they are.


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
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