Librarycase studiesBeyond Boundaries: How Veriff and Joyride Collaborate to Tackle Mobility Fraud

Beyond Boundaries: How Veriff and Joyride Collaborate to Tackle Mobility Fraud

We're excited to partner with Joyride, a leading micromobility platform to provide their customers with seamless onboarding, fight fraud, and help make travel more convenient, responsible, and safe.

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Carl-Ruuben Soolep
August 4, 2021

As travel continues to rebound in a post-pandemic normal, mobility companies are navigating new protocols and evolving technologies to keep their users safe. We often speak of safety in terms of social distancing and potential collisions, but what about safety through the lens of identity theft and fraudulent rentals of electric scooters and bikes? 

The pandemic has quickly highlighted the need for micromobility services like scooter-sharing and bike-sharing for safe and easy transportation, prompting cities to open up new bike lanes at rapid speeds, and sales of micromobility vehicles to essentially go through the roof. Unfortunately, the rise in digital activity on mobility platforms has also led to an increase in fraud attempts, such as the creation of multiple accounts or using fraudulent IDs or driver's licenses to access a micromobility rental service.

For people to use ride-sharing services, they first need to verify their identities online and demonstrate that they are legitimately allowed to operate an electric scooter or bike. Renters want the ID-verification process to be as smooth and painless as possible so they can start using the service immediately. 

This is where Veriff’s technology comes into play, and where Joyride’s software platform makes ID verification an accessible reality for micromobility operators. 

We’re thrilled to be partnering with leading micromobility platform Joyride to provide their customers with seamless onboarding as well as fight increasing fraud threats in the mobility industry making travel more convenient, responsible, and safe.

Veriff helps Joyride operators ensure that:

A rider is real

The first thing operators must confirm before allowing people to rent a vehicle, be a driver or a rider is to check whether they are who they say they are, regardless of the type of identity document or nationality.

The driver has the right category license that’s actually active

These two questions go hand in hand and are critical to verify as they must comply with the laws and regulations of the correlating geography. Operators are responsible for ensuring their clients have an active driver’s license when they rent out cars, checking whether drivers have the right driving category listed (depending on the vehicle) and whether the license is active or expired or even suspended.

The driver had the driver’s license for long enough

When renting a car/moped or when offering a driving service, companies usually require the driver to have at least a year or more of experience to reduce the risk of accidents.

The person is old enough 

Checking whether a driver is 18 or 21 (or old enough depending on the law in the corresponding region) is another important consideration for mobility companies in this sector. Enabling underage operators carries significant legal and safety risks. 

In fact, Veriff data shows there was more than a 40% increase in the overall fraud rate in the mobility sector during the first six months of 2021. This is due to an increase in online activity tied to the pandemic. It has never been more important for mobility operators to confirm their users are who they claim to be to ensure the safety of their passengers and guard against both vehicle and identity theft, making identity verification solutions like Veriff more essential than ever before.

Mobility fraud is being fought 

Fraud in the mobility sector is not going away any time soon. While cities and communities worldwide begin to reopen and resume some sense of normalcy,  innovation, and demand within app-based car, scooter, or bike rentals will continue to unfold, leaving more opportunities for bad actors to take advantage. Veriff provides a fast and secure method to verify mobility customers, and its unique crosslinking technology helps catch fraudsters in the act, helping prevent some of the most prevalent types of mobility fraud (e.g recurring fraud) from happening again. 

How Veriff technology works through Joyride’s platform:

We are committed to combating increasing mobility fraud rates by partnering with mobility solutions like Joyride to help provide a fast, secure and seamless verification experience.

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