Crypto Identity Verification

Don't keep honest customers waiting

Get Veriff for identity verification which prevents fraud, guarantees compliance, increases conversion and ensures you always know your customers.
Veriff Station view of ID verification statuses
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Veriff is the perfect partner for crypto.

Verify customers. Get compliant. Fight fraud.
Work worldwide. Earn trust.

Fight fraud

Welcome more honest customers and lock out fraudsters with our extensive fraud prevention, including network analysis, automated ID review, biometric extraction and liveness checks. You’ll even put an end to recurring fraud with our cross-linking feature.

Friendly user experience

ID verification shouldn’t be a barrier for sign-ups, and Veriff ensures this. Using a selfie and an ID photo, we can tell you that your customer is exactly who they claim to be. And with Assisted Image Capture as a personal automated photography consultant, their photos are perfect on the first try.

Fast and automated

Using AI and machine learning, we’ve built a decision engine which can automatically confirm a verification in seconds.

Global coverage

With over 10,000 ID documents, and 190 countries covered in 40 different languages and dialects, we’ve got you and your customer covered. No matter where in the world you both are.
Illustration of a person going through Veriff identity verificationIllustration of a person going through Veriff identity verification
Illustration of a person going through Veriff identity verificationIllustration of a person going through Veriff identity verification
Document is clear ID verification flow screen
Take a selfie screen
Error taking selfie screen
Success taking selfie screen
Verification flow success screen

Know your customers when they sign up

Verify customers first time, every time

Improve your conversion by up to 30% (based on the market average) with our easy and straightforward verification flow which helps your customers get verified on the first try. It’s easy to integrate, and gives you compliance in a matter of clicks, meaning you’ll meet those KYC requirements right away.

Manual and Automatic document verification

Assisted Image Capture

Integrate quickly and easily

Automated AI-powered verification engine

Fast verification you can trust

Using expertly trained machine learning, our verification engine can assess an array of data points in seconds to match your customer with their ID. This means we can also stop fraudsters in their tracks - if their face doesn’t match their ID, their ID is fake or manipulated, they’re displaying suspicious behaviour, or any other number of factors, we’ll catch them out.

Biometric analysis verification

Automated data extraction

Network and device analytics

Identity verification platform view
Fraud report

Identity Fraud Report 2021

Download Veriff's 2021 Fraud Report, and get a curated look at the year in fraud. The report breaks down fraud rates by industry, how rates have changed year-over-year, and our experts analyze the trends providing next-level insight.

Know who your customers are and fight fraud

Starting from $229 a month - use Veriff to remove unnecessary obstacles between your customers and their crypto. We’ll handle verification, so you can handle changing the face of money as we know it.

Know your customers and fight fraud

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