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How Video Helps Fight Fraud

Background video recording is now a part of all of Veriff’s self-service plans - but why is it crucial in fraud prevention, and how can it help you?

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Patrick Johnson
November 24, 2020
Fraud Prevention

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Veriff was the first identity verification provider to use video analysis to fight fraud as part of our verification process. It’s now a cornerstone of what we do, and helps increase fraud detection exponentially.

We’re now offering it as a feature of all of our self-service plans, so we decided this was a great moment to look into the way it helps fight fraud and how it actually works.

How does video analysis help your business find fraudsters?

Veriff’s background video recording feature provides you with further context around your KYC process. This helps to give you more insights about what is going on in the background during a customer verification. 

It’s important to note that our verification decisions are not based on the video content. However, video recording serves as an extra layer of information for more complicated identity verification sessions.  

In such cases our specialists will look through the video in order to validate:

  • Session liveness - Video helps to make sure the user in the session is real and their identity has not been manipulated
  • Legitimacy of the document - Often extra document security features are visible in the video recording
  • No presence of, or access by, fraudsters in the end-user flow - As we record the person when they access the session we’ll see if a fraudster has accessed the verification session, physically or digitally during the video 


How does the video recording work in practice?

When a user is going through the verification process, we automatically start recording a video of the session. There are no additional integrations or steps that your users need to take for the video to start recording. Please be aware though that since the video recording is not mandatory, some sessions won’t have it due to technical issues - e.g. if we could not start recording on a device for technical reasons.

You can view the background video recordings of newly created sessions within the session view in Veriff Station already.

To access the session view, simply find the session that you are interested in and click → Open. Within the session view you’ll see the submitted images along with the newly introduced background video recording.

And that covers it - no matter which self-service plan you choose, video recording is now fully included to help take your fraud prevention up a notch! If you’d like to learn more, then contact our sales team to have a chat about how easy it is to integrate Veriff today.