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20% reduction in fraud risk with payback in under 6 months
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Complete Identity Verification and KYC platform

Know that people are who they say they are

Faster. From anywhere in the world. Making it easier every step of the way with Veriff’s AI-powered identity verification and KYC solution without compromising compliance and identity fraud prevention.
Know that people are who they say they are.
Know that people are who they say they are.

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Optimize the ideal identity verification experience with a single integration

KYC requirements are unique to each business. With Veriff’s tools, customize the verification flow for your business— optimizing for the identity checks, supported regions, and documents required to keep your business compliant and secure— all while fighting fraud and stopping bad actors. Then deploy with a single integration.

Illustration of verification experience

Make it easy for honest people to become your customers

Improve conversion rates with a seamless user experience with Assisted Image Capture and 6sec average response time. Veriff’s cutting-edge user experience makes onboarding simple, providing users real-time feedback to get verified on the first try without sacrificing identity fraud prevention. AI-powered identity verification software from Veriff in web, iOS, and Android SDKs includes:

Leader in automating identity verification
and identity document coverage


Check Automation rate

We’re the first IDV service to offer this number - our document checks are now 98% automated


Get instant verification

There’s not much you can do in 6 seconds, but your customers can get an approved verification that fast.


Verified on the first try

Thanks to Assisted Image Capture , your users take perfect verification photos on the first try, meaning less resubmissions.


Document coverage

We can match people with their government-issued IDs from all over the world, helping fight fraud and remain KYC compliant.

Comply with anti-money laundering and KYC regulations

Show regulators that you take financial crime seriously and protect your business. Deploy Veriff’s full-stack AML and KYC solution for PEP and sanctions checks, adverse media screening, and ongoing monitoring on top of rigorous document verification. Veriff connects to thousands of databases and watchlists that are updated in real-time.

AML & KYC Compliance
Comply with anti-money laundering and KYC regulations

Use faces for authentication

Whether a user is trying to log in, recover account access, or attempting to make a significant transaction, leverage facial biometric technology for identity access management and authentication to keep user accounts safe.

Biometric Authentication
Use faces for authentication

Build trust online by fighting identity fraud

Bad actors and fraudsters adapt at an exponential rate. What stops them today may not stop them tomorrow. Veriff and its exceptional fraud team work around the clock to stay ahead of fraudsters. We continue to invest in innovation to have leading identity fraud prevention technology.
Stop known bad actors

Act on collected behavioral information to flag or block individuals with device and network fingerprinting.

Flag repeat attempts

Velocity abuse technology identifies recurring attempts to verify identity and create new accounts, whether different people with the same device and network or the same person with fake IDs.

Analyze fraud patterns

With a combination of machine learning and Veriff’s Fraud Team, discover fraud rings and repeat offenders by detecting patterns and similar behavior, to stay ahead of coordinated fraud attacks.

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Take a selfie verification screen
Finish verification screen

Tailored to your Industry

Identity verification is a requirement for companies across a range of industries. Veriff offers compliance, fraud prevention, and global scalability from the moment you integrate. Choose your industry to find out more.

Identity verification for financial services
Financial services

Helping you change the face of finance and keeping customers secure

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Identity verification for mobility

Keep your customers moving with quick and easy driving license verification

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Identity verification for crypto

Transparency is crucial for an emerging market, and Veriff can offer this

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We're certified

Veriff is compliant with CCPA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001 and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.

CCPA CompliantGDPR CompliantWCAG Version 2.1, Level AASOC 2 Type II compliantCoalfire certified
CCPA CompliantGDPR CompliantWCAG Version 2.1, Level AASOC 2 Type II compliantCoalfire certified

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Giving people the tools they need to keep their digital assets secure is going to become more and more important as we enter this new age of digital ownership. We’re excited to be partners of Veriff, and excited to see where the internet goes over our next three years together.

Veriff Partners with Starship to Create a Fully Autonomous Delivery Service for Age Restricted Items

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Veriff Partners with Starship to Create a Fully Autonomous Delivery Service for Age Restricted Items

Veriff adds an extra layer of safety and security to Starship’s delivery services, making it the first company in the world to create a fully autonomous end to end delivery service for age restricted items. 

Veriff Joins AWS Partner Network

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Veriff Joins AWS Partner Network

Veriff accelerates its AI-powered identity verification platform’s journey to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)