ID Verification Software

Verify IDs in seconds anywhere in the world

Verify identity documents in real time and detect fake and tampered documents with Veriff’s AI-powered ID Verification software. 10,200+ IDs in over 190 countries, in more than 45 languages. No one else comes close. 


Automated ID verification with real-time user feedback

Identity document fraud detection that gets users through quickly, and the first time, leading to a higher rate of new customer conversions. 

Compliance and fraud detection combined with easy onboarding

Complying with KYC regulations and user experience isn’t a compromise with Veriff. Automated AML screening and identity proofing focused on fraud detection, coupled with a seamless user experience, keep bad actors out while converting more new account holders.

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How ID Verification works

See how easy it is to verify identity documents of real people.

Snap a picture of the ID

Once ID verification is triggered, users are asked to take a picture of their government-issued ID. Veriff’s end-user flow detects whether it’s a driver’s license, passport, residence permit, or standard ID, and instructs the user when the back of the ID is required, making the experience seamless.

With Assisted Image Capture built into our SDKs, the user is guided through the entire process. Whether the document image is too dark, too bright, has a glare, or the data is obstructed, Veriff prompts the user to make adjustments. This leads to a 30% increase in conversion rates and up to 95% of users are verified on the first try.

The data is sent to Veriff and our AI-powered identity verification technology provides a decision in a matter of seconds, based on the identity document checks your business needs.

Automated data extraction

Our AI extracts data from IDs as soon as they are submitted to speed up verification sessions. Using webhooks, you can instantly receive primary data, such as the names, expiration dates, birth dates, and document numbers, or other information present on their ID depending on your requirements.

Category extraction

Veriff automatically collects the category of driver’s licenses as an additional data point if required. This can assist with verification, and can be crucial if your customer is looking to rent or use a vehicle. 

NFC extraction

Extract data from barcodes and using NFC, in addition to the identity document image itself. Data from barcodes and biometric documents are compared to the data extracted from the document to detect tampered IDs.

Behavioral analytics

Nearly 70% of identity fraud occurs without submitting an identity document. Take ID verification further to tackle synthetic fraud, pattern and recurring organized fraud, and velocity and campaign abuse with Veriff’s AI-powered behavioral analysis and device and network fingerprinting.

Verify 10,000+ government issued IDs

Veriff supports over 10,000 government-issued IDs from 190 countries. Our global reach allows you to verify customers from all corners of the world.

Select between 45 languages and dialects

We localized our end-user flows for the world’s biggest markets, and the more languages we offer, the better. With 45 languages and dialects today, our team will continue to expand our reach to keep up with the strategic visions of our clients.

Convert more customers

With a 98% check automation rate, a decision is made within seconds, onboarding more customers. 

Fight fraud & keep your users safe

Get in touch with a Veriff Identity Verification expert to learn more about how identity document verification stops fraud, while helping you convert more honest users.  


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
Level AA