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Identity verification in an evolving workplace

Staffing is a growing industry, but faces new challenges in the era of remote and hybrid working. Veriff’s identity verification (IDV) tools can secure the hiring process, while unleashing the opportunities of the new world of work. 

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Chris Hooper
Director of Content at
October 4, 2023
Identity verification

Staffing is a complex sector, dedicated to providing permanent, temporary and contract employees to businesses across a range of sectors. The market for human resources (HR) services is growing all the time, hitting $218bn in the US last year and reaching revenues of more than £40 bn (about $49 bn) in the UK. 

While the challenges for firms depend on the industry and jurisdiction in question, the wider sector is faced with a new challenge: adapting to the rise of remote recruitment. Thanks to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the evolution of technology, more organizations are spreading a wider net in the hunt for talent, bringing greater numbers of remote workers onto their books.  

The trend was highlighted by a recent article in Forbes, which stated that 28.2% of employees now work in a hybrid work model, with 12.7% working from home. This has been reflected in recruitment. According to the Forbes report, a staggering 93% of employers plan to continue conducting job interviews remotely. 

Staffing firms must adapt to these changes, ensuring they process candidates and employees in a secure and convenient way. Even as their approach evolves, specialists must still ensure they hire staff within defined or required parameters. Cutting-edge IDV is essential. 

For example, the candidate may need to provide identity documentation – some form of government ID, for instance – which must then be verified to ensure its authenticity. They may have to complete tests to ensure they are suitable for the role; staffing firms must check that the person who passes the test is the same person who begins working with the company. 

It doesn’t stop there. The new employee may be entitled to equipment like computers or a phone; it’s vital the person receiving the equipment is who they claim to be. Similarly, you need to know the identity of anyone who can access your facilities, either online or in-person. 

Cutting-edge IDV ensures you meet all these demands. Veriff’s technology – backed by biometric authentication and market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) – means candidates can pass through the IDV process quickly, conveniently and securely, meeting compliance demands while ensuring customer satisfaction. We approve legitimate candidates for onboarding in an average time of just six seconds. 

Veriff supports businesses in their search for talent across the globe, combining an intuitive user experience, an inclusive approach, and an extensive library of more than 11,300 document specimens. 

A firm with the right processes can enhance its reputation for security among existing and potential customers. Not only does this ensure you meet legal necessities, but it builds your reputation, generating customer goodwill – and securing business for the long term.   

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Our IDV platform puts market-leading identity verification and high trust well within your reach. Plus, you can also tailor your verification processes to suit your industry and brand. If you’d like to learn more about how we can create an identity verification process for your business, get in touch with us today and book a personalized demo.

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