EventswebinarsTackling rising fraud risks to achieve global compliance in 2022

Tackling rising fraud risks to achieve global compliance in 2022

Veriff’s latest webinar with Compliance Week delves into key fraud trends witnessed over 2021 and 2022, covering global markets and a variety of sectors. Speakers on the panel included Veriff's Munna Poddar and Aleksander Tsuiman.

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May 13, 2022
Fraud Prevention

As businesses advance through 2022, it’s time to prepare a strong business plan for the rest of the year, mitigating risks and preparing for massive opportunities. To better aid clients and companies, Veriff has conducted research into today's online fraud trends and offers actionable recommendations to achieve global compliance, security and efficiency.

Discover insights such as the mean fraud rate globally, granular statistics for the USA and Europe, and the mean rate of fraud in industries like crypto and fintech. To delve into this research, join Veriff’s Fraud Product Manager, Munna Poddar, and Aleksander Tsuiman, Head Of Regulatory, in conversation with Compliance Week’s Aaron Nicodemus.

Who took part?

  • Munna Poddar, Fraud Product Manager, Veriff
  • Aleksander Tsuiman, Head Of Regulatory, Veriff
  • Aaron Nicodemus, Moderator, Compliance Week

Key talking points:

  • How online fraud has changed between 2021 and 2022
  • The different types of fraud that businesses encounter online
  • Why proactively combatting fraud is essential to brand reputation
  • The main priorities for a successful fraud prevention strategy

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What next?

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