How to get
verified with Veriff

Identity Verification is becoming more common across popular online platforms, and we realize you might have some questions. Veriff accurately and quickly verifies the identities of people across video gaming, financial services, crypto, social media, and more — without compromising the safety of user data. The internet can be a safer place without sacrificing your privacy.

Don't worry,
we've got you covered!

Please note that when we provide our services to the business enabling your identity verification, we are generally acting on behalf of the business as their authorized data processor. For detailed information about how your data is being collected and processed, please see the business’ privacy documentation.


After uploading my ID, my verification has been pending for a long time. What is happening?

Veriff’s IDV system uses a hybrid approach, meaning that our system is highly automated but we use expert verification specialists as well as our AI to ensure only real users are getting approved. Sometimes your session needs to be sent to our specialists and it takes a bit longer. Hold tight, we’ll get you verified soon!

Yes. Veriff uses a fast, reliable, and secure system to verify your age while ensuring that your data that you submit is not sold or breached.

Your ID documents are used to verify your identity and your age to ensure that you are a welcome user on the platform you are trying to access.

At this time the documents that can be used are government-issued identity documents such as resident cards or ID cards, passports, and drivers licenses. You cannot use school IDs, birth certificates, library cards, or any other membership, etc.

It depends on the exact service features we are offering to the business enabling identity verification for you. The main categories of personal data we process for identity verification on behalf of the business are: information extracted from the submitted (identification) document, such as personal identification code, date of birth, photos, videos and sound recording of the verification process, facial biometric data extracted from the submitted photos and videos, technical device data, and contact details. For more detailed information, please see the business’ privacy documentation and Section 4.1 of Veriff’s Privacy Policy.

As a default we retain the personal data for up to 3 years on behalf of the business. We store personal data only for as long as the retention of data is required by law, a contract, or is necessary for the provision of our services or required for protecting us against legal claims. At the end of the retention period, we shall permanently erase the personal data or anonymize it.

Your data is accessed by the business enabling your identity verification and our thoroughly vetted sub-processors.

As a default, Veriff stores the data with Amazon Web Services located in Ireland. Their services are fully GDPR compliant and they act as an important part of our dedication to data security and protection.

If you would like to receive more information about your data processing in the context of the identity verification, please turn to the business enabling your identity verification.