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Veriff & Trafi in Pan-Baltic Startup Collaboration

While our verification tools and know-how continue to spread across Europe, few events make us happier than collaborating with ambitious companies near home; the digital wonderland of Estonia.

Veriff and Trafi partner up to make travel easier
December 28, 2018
Case Study
Identity Verification

When Trafi's tech gurus called from our Baltic neighbor Lithuania, we jumped on the opportunity.

“There’s a special power in two startups growing together and helping people with great technology. Veriff’s mission is to make real people’s life easier, and the same applies to Trafi. It was a natural match from day one.” said Triin Uustalu, Veriff’s Marketing Manager.

As a kick-ass mobility platform, Trafi helps the world’s leading mobility providers bring all types of different transportation services to the masses. Trafi cuts the time spent on urban traffic to an absolute minimum by providing users with a list of different routes and opportunities to travel in the city both online and offline.

The problem with rental cars, scooters, bicycles, or any type of ride-sharing is the identity verification requirement to use them. Here's when Veriff comes into play.

How Veriff delivers security and speed

For us in Trafi, identity security and personal data protection are of the utmost importance. Hence, we looked for a trustworthy ID verification provider. Veriff got our attention due to their agile approach, honest openness to feedback, and their great technological solution for identity verification,” said Justas Petronis, Trafi's Product Manager.

After a quick but thorough onboarding process, Trafi added Veriff to their service. The result is multiple layers of security that make it easier, not harder, for their users to get from point A to point B. “Now you have no need to go to a car rental service in person. Instead, 4 you can rent a car right off the street, digitally,” said Petronis.

But this partnership was about more than putting two great companies and products together. Petronis has a vision of a brighter future for the Baltic tech scene, and it involves increased collaboration between tech innovators in the region.

“We all are after strategic partnerships in larger markets, and leave tech innovators living next door alone in the field. At Trafi we believe that cooperating with an Estonian startup would actually be a great push forward towards such Baltic partnerships, and we expect many others to follow suit.

Veriff and Trafi have the power and charisma to possibly initiate a Baltic tech company community. We could align Baltic tech companies towards the same goal - to empower people with modern technology. This would help to sort out many issues that startups struggle with when left alone."

Bringing the best of identity verification to the mobility sector

Great partnerships are just as much about giving as they are about taking. While Trafi benefited from insights into their identity verification process Veriff learned the ins and outs of the booming mobility industry.

“Thanks to working with Veriff, we have a better understanding of what identity fraud prevention processes look like. In return, it is amazing to see how Veriff has learned more about the future of urban transportation and why identity security is such a crucial topic for mobility going forward," said Petronis.

The opportunities to connect mobility companies with honest customers is huge, and something that, according to Uustalu, Veriff aims to target in the future.

MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is a fast-growing new sector where Veriff sees a vital need for identification services. Collaboration with Trafi opened up a new sector for us, giving important insights of fraud cases specific to the mobility sector and learning from these cases about how to stop fraudsters.”

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