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Estateguru Uses Veriff to Back Aggressive Expansion

EstateGuru is a leading European marketplace that connects investors with entrepreneurs who need short-term loans for real estate projects. It's networks includes 15,000+ investors from 45 countries.

Estateguru chooses Veriff to assist in their continuing expansion
October 24, 2018
Case Study

Estateguru onboards new investors every day, and each person needs to be verified before the process can begin. Kristjan Toop, Digital Marketing Manager at EstateGuru, said that the company uses Veriff to gain full confidence in verification quality.

“The human eye makes mistakes, and Veriff provides us with confidence. Trust is key in the financial sector.”

Estateguru still processes about 30% of user documents manually, simply because some investors don’t have webcams. However, the company projects a steady decrease in manual verifications as mobile devices without an integrated camera are a dying breed.

The key reason why Estateguru chose Veriff over other identity verification provides was its customer-focused approach and the fact that it was easy to integrate.

“They were super-friendly and cooperative from the start, and onboarding was easy! Integrating Veriff to a platform can be done in a few days. Our business is scaling P2P investments, and we can expand aggressively while having a full confidence that we know who our customers are.”

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