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Remote Scooter Sharing Platform goUrban Goes Veriff

goUrban is a scooter-sharing platform based in Vienna, a city of two million residents and counting.

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October 30, 2018
Case Study

To use the company’s scooters, goUrban's customers need a valid driver’s license, a credit or debit card, and the goUrban app on iOS or Android.

And, of course, a team or service to verify that all these documents.

In addition to scooter sharing, goUrban licenses its software, telematics, and app as a white label solution to other sharing operators. This also includes fleet managers for carpool vehicles, and goUrban also specializes in the development of artificial intelligence to increase fleet utilization.

How Veriff helps goUrban reach their verification targets

By 2020, goUrban aims for over 20,000 verifications. In order to do this, they realized that they would need the help of industry-leading identity verification service to get them there.

After a long search for a reliable partner, Veriff was chosen to verify goUrban users and documents quickly, securely, and smoothly. Veriff is compatible for all mobile devices and operating systems, and is also available in the key languages of their market.

But the biggest reason behind their decision to choose Veriff was the team's extensive background with the financial and government sectors. “The main argument for us was Veriff’s experience with banks and governmental institutions. They have to deliver a high security standard,” said Bojan Jukic, goUrban’s co-founder and CTO.

Jukic also praised Veriff’s quick and responsive communication, “After integration everything was fast and easy.” Our team is excited to support them as they continue to scale their business.

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