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With Veriff, staffing firms can beat the fraudsters

Remote and hybrid working have rapidly expanded in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and technological advances. But for staffing companies, identity verification (IDV) remains a vital part of the hiring process – with serious consequences for failure.

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Chris Hooper
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October 4, 2023
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Fraud is perhaps the most significant danger if a staffing organization fails to implement adequate identity checks. Firms must know who is entering the workplace, whether physical or virtual, and protect against the theft of equipment or data.

Companies providing staff to other organizations must conduct all the required and relevant checks. They must ensure that the candidate has legal permission to seek employment in the market in question. This could include the UK’s right to work regulations, for instance.

Although the threat is well understood, fraud is a growing problem. A recent survey from the HR.Com HR Research Institute found that almost half (49%) of respondents said they had either been a victim of identity fraud or knew a friend or family member who had been. Another 15% said their organization had experienced at least one incident of candidate identity fraud.

Fraud in staffing has many causes:

  • Most commonly, background checks are conducted for the wrong person or simply fail. Note that background checks do not identify the person in question, but simply match personal details to a database. 
  • The hired employee may simply Iie about their identity.  
  • There are a range of threats where identity fraud can become more blatant – for example, switching the employee during the application and employment process. 

All these instances of fraud can be mitigated by implementing Veriff before background checks occur. Indeed, this type of approach holds clear appeal for experts in the area. According to the HR.Com research, just 30% of respondents said their organization may be reluctant to use digital IDV. 

So how does it work? The process is simple – but highly secure. 

Take a photo of ID: The user takes a quick snap of their ID document, with more than 11,300 government-issued IDs supported in over 230 countries. They are then guided through the process with real-time feedback. 

  • Take a selfie: This is conducted with the support of our Assisted Image Capture (AIC) technology, meaning the candidate is informed right away of any potential issues. 
  • Receive a decision: We achieve an average time of six seconds per user verification, ensuring a fast and accurate IDV process. 

Our approach is designed with flexibility in mind, capable of working across iOS or Android devices, along with web, mobile web and beyond.  It uses automated AI algorithms and biometrics, providing a unique automated verification decision.

By using Veriff’s market-leading IDV technology, you can meet demands around KYC and AML, beat the fraudsters, and ensure job candidates are just who they say they are. 

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Our IDV platform puts market-leading identity verification and high trust well within your reach. Plus, you can also tailor your verification processes to suit your industry and brand. If you’d like to learn more about how we can create an identity verification process for your business, get in touch with us today and book a personalized demo.

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