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Why the best customer journeys begin with effective onboarding

Customer onboarding is not a one-step process. In fact, it has consequences throughout the customer journey, affecting user perception of your company and your brand.

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Chris Hooper
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July 14, 2023
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It is clear why the right onboarding process is so important from the outset. You must ensure you know who is entering your platform to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. You must keep fraudsters and other criminals at bay to ensure you remain on the right side of the law and to protect your organisation financially and protect brand value. 

However, you must also keep the customer in mind. A lengthy, onerous process, perhaps involving a manual ID check, could drive potential clients into the arms of your competitors.

If you get it right, on the other hand, new customers will start off on the right track, viewing your platform in a positive light, with all that means for brand value in the years to come. 

So what is the ideal customer onboarding checklist?

  • A simple process: Customers know that security matters. They will usually be willing to engage with your system to provide the ID and other material you need to prove they are who they claim to be. However, they will not wait forever. Veriff’s AI-backed system involves uploading an ID, taking a selfie, and waiting an average of just six seconds for an answer. 
  • Ongoing support: Identity verification (IDV) can be a sensitive matter, with confusion easily turning to distrust. We make things simple, providing real-time feedback to customers to help them pass first time. For example, our Assisted Image Capture (AIC) technology makes it easy for onboarding customers to get their selfie right on the first try. 
  • Global flexibility: As your platform grows, you will likely work with customers from all over the world, leading to complex demand in areas like government IDs. Your system needs to be capable of handling the demands of different cultures and nations. Our IDV database supports more than 11,300 documents from over 230 countries, ensuring maximum flexibility as you expand. 
  • Easy access: In the smartphone era, it is vital to ensure customers can access any required IDV checks across different platforms. Our software works with iOS, Android, wrappers like Flutter or Reactnative, native apps and beyond. 

Through embracing technology like biometric authentication and AI, Veriff’s automated process offers safety and security, without creating stumbling blocks for customers. We help you welcome customers into your platform in a quick, safe and convenient way, building brand loyalty in that crucial early phase. 

You can learn more about how to improve customer onboarding through our Onboarding education center here

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The best #customer journeys begin with effective #onboarding. With Veriff’s #AI and #biometrics-based approach, you can combine security with convenience. Contact us today to learn more.

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