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SSN Verification is the next step in driving compliance

Veriff's host of identity verification solutions are always designed to keep businesses compliant without making users' lives harder. Veriff's Social Security Number Verification is now an additional layer of protection for any identity verification program.

How SSN Verification helps businesses

SSN Verification from Veriff adds a new dimension to your identity verification process.

How SSN Verification works

Data collection

The user is prompted to input their name, SSN, and/or their date of birth and home address and that data is sent to Veriff via API. 

Using a matching engine, this data is compared against an SSN database and checked for a full match.

The result is returned via API and saved in the Veriff database.

SSN data — combined with Veriff's best-in-class IDV process —delivers a comprehensive, risk-based approach to identity verification.

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