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Get your customers verified with no hassle 

Boost conversion by up to 30% by making verification a breeze. Integrate AIC into your existing verification flow without switching to Veriff, and welcome more real customers.

Help your users get verified on the first try 

AIC relies on machine learning to identify and mitigate the most common verification errors, with the aim of increasing conversion and accuracy concurrently. 

How Assisted Image Capture works

Complying with KYC regulations and prioritizing user experience isn’t a compromise with Veriff. Automated AML screening and identity proofing focused on fraud detection, coupled with a seamless user experience, keep bad actors out while converting more new account holders.

An active photo assistant

With machine-learning technology assessing verifications in real time, users are guided when taking every photo. This guarantees sharp, well-lit images with properly framed ID documents and all the necessary information to pass the first time.

Assisted Image Capture uses a two-way API to seamlessly integrate with your existing customer verification flow. With full integration support and dedicated account management, adding AIC is straightforward and simple — and you don’t need to switch providers.

AIC guides users to take better images of their identity documents to ensure success on the first try, with up to 18 unique responses. It alerts users to errors such as unreadable data, incomplete documents, unclear facial images for comparison, and unsupported documents.

Veriff’s AI processes over 10,000 global documents in 3 alphabets (Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic).

Make verification easy for real people

Get in touch with a Veriff Identity Verification expert to learn more about how Assisted Image Capture can help your identity verification process simpler for real users.



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