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Veriff Station Offers Scalable Pricing and 30 Days Free

Veriff Station, our new self-service verification platform, is ready for the public. Sign up now to get a free 30-day trial, including 100 free verifications and 14 days of integration support.

Sarah Hamid
October 22, 2019
Product Update

After successful beta testing, Veriff Station is ready for the world. Hundreds of companies were admitted into the closed beta trial, and after a busy month of testing our one-stop verification Station is going public.

With Veriff Station, you don’t need to have millions of verifications a year or an in-house engineering team. Your customer data is processed by a specialized forensic team, then safeguarded and stored in line with GDPR regulations for you to review. The platform comes with flexible plans that price according to verifications, giving companies of all sizes tools they need verify customers and stay compliant. 

What makes Veriff Station special?

Veriff Station packages the same seamless user flows and fraud prevention layers used by clients like Blockchain and Mintos into scalable, budget-friendly pricing plans. Built for the 4,000+ small to medium companies we turned down due to low volumes, Veriff Station makes it possible for any business to build trust at scale.

Identity verification providers often demand annual commitments or minimum contracts that are only beneficial for large-scale enterprises. According to Veriff’s founder and CEO, Kaarel Kotkas, it’s time to extend our fraud prevention services beyond the big players, especially now that regulatory environments are closing in on all industries and not only banking and fintech.

“We want to offer our services to online businesses right when they launch their business. Once they have an identity verification process in place, they can start building trusting relationships with their clients, growing their business faster while taking advantage of a flexible and scalable pricing model.”

Self-service setup and easy integration

In addition to flexible pricing, Veriff Station can be integrated in a matter of hours without the help of a dedicated development team. Simple integration makes it easy to get started, and as a self-service platform you can sign up without lengthy negotiations or ambiguous pricing. 

As soon as you sign up and activate your account, you get 14 days of integration support, where our team of experts will advise you on how to make the most of Veriff Station. Below are just a few of the feature highlights included in every plan: 

  • Verify the first 100 users for free within 30 days
  • Test integrations for free before going live
  • Use webhooks to automate data transfers to and from your app or website
  • Set up roles to restrict data access for different users 

For more information on Veriff Station’s features and pricing plans, take a look at our product page.

Why Xolo and Blair turned to Veriff Station 

One of the first companies to test Veriff Station is Xolo, a platform that helps freelancers set up virtual and EU-based companies online. According to Erik Mell, the Co-founder of Xolo, identity verification is an integral part of the service when helping clients to launch their businesses. 

"Veriff’s self-service platform Veriff Station gives us flexibility both in terms of verification volumes and pricing, while also delivering the high levels of security we need. We hope that seamless identity verification will further reduce the time it takes to launch a business with Xolo.”

A seamless user experience is also what Blair, another Station beta tester and Y Combinator alumni, was looking for. According to Blair co-founder Constantin Schreiber, Veriff features like live in-browser feedback and easy liveness checks made it one of the most user-friendly verification tools on the market.

“We looked at a lot of competitors before deciding on the service provider. Veriff’s outstanding customer-facing user experience is a crucial aspect for us. We also wanted to have a provider offering liveness checks. Veriff was one of the few that did liveness checks without either having users upload static material or redirecting them to a separate mobile app to do the verification.”

Veriff Station made the tools and features Blair needed accessible thanks to its flexible pricing model. And when it comes to getting started, Blair had Veriff Station up and running in less than a day. 

“Most providers that ticked all our boxes were geared more towards large enterprises and huge volumes. Therefore Veriff’s self-service platform provides a great option for companies with lower volumes without compromising on security. Plus it took us less than a day to complete the integration thanks to how easy you guys made it for devs.”

Start your 30-day free trial

The first 100 verifications are on us. No year-long commitment or development gurus required. Every free trial includes 14 days of integration support, where we will walk you through the setup from start to finish. Get started today and start connecting with honest customers. Learn more about identity verification here.