Fintech Identity Verification

Don’t keep honest customers waiting

Your customers want a simple verification process and you need to be KYC compliant. Veriff gives you both.
Veriff Station view of ID verification statuses
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Verification may be a necessity, but it doesn’t need to be a negative.

Veriff is focused on making identity verification an easy experience, helping your users get verified first time, and keeping out the criminals.

Customer focused

A verification with Veriff isn’t a barrier to a new sign-up. Quite the opposite - we’ve seen conversion rates increase with Veriff verification and Assisted Image Capture enabled. In fact, 95% of customers get verified on their first attempt.

Highly automated

Using AI and machine-learning, we offer a fully automated verification product which makes decisions in a matter of seconds. You can choose the level of automation you require to suit your balance between speed and fraud prevention.

Fighting financial crime

Fraud is a major worry for financial service providers, but more importantly, you need to know your customers. With device analytics and liveness checks, we’ll make sure you know everything you need to, including if your customer is even real.

Thinking global

We currently cover 190 countries, verifying over 10,000 documents and working in 40 languages and dialects. Wherever your customers are in the world, we’re ready to help them.
Illustration of a person going through Veriff identity verificationIllustration of a person going through Veriff identity verification
Illustration of a person going through Veriff identity verificationIllustration of a person going through Veriff identity verification

Crunching the numbers

The numbers behind a Veriff verification

We’re proud to tell you about why Veriff is a perfect partner for the world of fintech, but it’s important to back that up with some of the key statistics behind what we do.
6sGet instant verification
95%Verified on the first try
30%Potential increase in conversion
40Languages and dialects supported
Document is clear ID verification flow screen
Take a selfie screen
Error taking selfie screen
Success taking selfie screen
Verification flow success screen

Verification to match you step-for-step

Don’t let your rapid growth slow down - keep things simple

The necessity to comply with numerous regulations can prove a challenge in the fintech world. Choosing Veriff as your verification partner gives you that compliance, while also integrating into your existing system so simply it’ll be like we were always there.

Assisted Image Capture

Add or remove steps for your users

Integrate quickly and easily

A beneficial partnership

Working towards Unicorn status

We want to work together so we both continue to grow - and to do that we bring an evolving identity verification product, a team who are never out of reach, and a desire to make the online world a safer place.

KYC Compliance

Automated data extraction

Network and device analytics

Identity verification platform view
Fraud report

Identity Fraud Report 2021

Download Veriff's 2021 Fraud Report, and get a curated look at the year in fraud. The report breaks down fraud rates by industry, how rates have changed year-over-year, and our experts analyze the trends providing next-level insight.

Know who your customers are and fight financial crime

Starting from $229 a month - Veriff will verify your users so you don’t need to. They’ll get their accounts, and you can carry on changing the face of finance around the world.

Know your customers and fight fraud

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