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Estonian Youth Work Centre benefits from verifications

Veriff’s 1 million free verifications program has successfully been kicked off. The first organisation to start using Veriff’s free verifications is the Estonian Youth Work Centre (EYWC). It’s a national centre that coordinates and develops youth work in Estonia in cooperation with governmental and youth work agencies, local governments, youth associations and other institutions. 

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Karita Sall
April 2, 2020
Case Study

What does the centre need Veriff’s service for? There are about 90 different companies and foundations that organise camps for about 30,000 kids in Estonia every year. All of these camps need qualified and well trained camp managers and counselors to take care of the kids coming to the camp. The Estonian Youth Work Centre issues the official certificates for the camp counselors, organises different trainings for the camp staff as well as carries out the qualification tests and exams. Each year about 500 - 600 people participate in their trainings and take exams.

In the current emergency situation caused by the Coronovirus, where face to face contact is very limited, the center had to find a new solution for carrying out the trainings and taking the qualification test. This is where Veriff came into play. Instead of having a physical presence in a classroom to take the exam, Veriff’s solution enables the centre to remotely identify the person taking the exam. That means, the tests will be taken virtually and Veriff will verify the person’s identity digitally.

„The biggest worry for us was how to identify a person before they start taking the exam. It’s also vital that all personal data of the people taking the exams will be handled with care and in accordance with the law,“ said the Head of the Estonian Youth Work Centre, Edgar Schlümmer.  

This is where Veriff’s solution comes in. Before a person taking the exam logs in the e-exam platform, they receive a link to identify themselves. For remote identification, the person needs a device with a camera and a valid government issued ID like a living permit, an ID card, or a passport. After the person has identified themselves, Veriff directs them to the e-exam website to log in and take the exam.

As to the trainings for the managers and counselors, many of them are done virtually via video streams or take place on different online platforms. 

“ We have experienced lots of great teamwork to manage the challenges we are facing in the emergency situation. We are really grateful to all organisations that have contributed to making the trainings and testing possible.” 

A week ago, Veriff launched a project to donate 1 million free verification to support nonprofits and foundations amidst the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Face to face interaction is currently limited to an absolute minimum, yet identity verification is more important than ever before. 

Potential beneficiaries of free verifications range from universities who need to verify people taking exams to marketplaces that have volunteers who help people in need and to registries that could tackle fake accounts and set up reliable databases about people in quarantine. But also, digital health care service providers, organisations fighting fake news and beyond.  

The 1 million free verifications program for nonprofits and foundations runs until the end of June. Read more about the project here:

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