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Building Trust in Mobility

Congratulations to Bolt on their massive fundraising news! And there’s another reason to celebrate - we're really excited to announce our very own partnership with Bolt!

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Karita Sall
December 16, 2020
Case Study

Personal vehicle usage and public transport have transformed unimaginably in recent years, as innovative services like app-based car, scooter, or bike rentals, and ride-sharing have been introduced. We’ve seen a huge increase in demand in the mobility sector, especially over the past year. Sadly this also means that fraudsters start looking for opportunities to make a quick buck.

For example, as the use of scooters skyrocketed in many cities because of the pandemic, we saw more and more fraud attempts. We’ve seen many cases of underage users trying to get illegal access to vehicles with another person’s legal ID, or attempting to fool our system by showing images from their mobile device, just to name a couple.

If you want know more about identity fraud in the mobility sector, check out our Fraud Report 2020.

As to our partnership with Bolt, stay tuned and we’ll let you know more shortly – together we'l power trust and safety online and we're excited to support Bolt’s next big jump in their growth!