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Why Foolproof Age Verification is Vital for Businesses to Maintain Trust

Veriff's Age Verification is vital to ensuring the safety of businesses and customers around the world.

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Ashley Nelson
December 2, 2021
Blog Post

As e-commerce booms amid COVID-19, age verification is incredibly important to keep several industries safe. Online gambling, alcohol delivery, ride sharing, and online dating are just a sampling of the industries that rely on age verification to comply with US, European and UK regulators and maintain their brand’s integrity. 

Veriff’s age validation solution enables businesses to seamlessly confirm whether or not customers are above a minimum age threshold and thus eligible to purchase or use the business’ products. This ensures that only authorized users or customers are accessing age-gated content and products, preventing liabilities and fraud. Additionally, Veriff confirms the liveness and realness of all IDs, with over 11,500 supported documents, allowing for global companies to continue doing business with customers around the world. All of these processes allow for seamless customer experiences, and keep businesses safe. 

Veriff provides the best tools to support seamless age verification and help increase customer conversions. Veriff does this by employing:

  • Automated biometrics-based identity verification
  • Ongoing authentication with Biometric Authentication
  • Global reach, covering 11,500+ documents and 48 languages 
  • Intuitive user flow that prevents synthetic and identity theft 
  • Protection against velocity and campaign abuse 

“Age verification has become even more important than before, if that is possible,” said Ibrahim Al-Taie, Product Marketing Manager at Veriff. “With the e-commerce markets exploding, and more and more business being done online, having reliable and accurate age verification is vital for businesses to stay in the good graces of regulators, protect customers, and to keep their reputation positive.” 

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