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Veriff launches category extraction - New Feature

Veriff launches a new product feature that enables companies to extract category information from a driving licence. During the verification process, Veriff can determine whether the person has a legitimate right to drive a certain category vehicle, in most cases a B-category one.

An example of a valid driving licence.
Karita Sall
November 3, 2020
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The new feature helps Veriff’s mobility sector clients who provide different ride-sharing services like car- or moped-sharing or rental and need to check whether the person using the service has a valid driving license in the right category. 

According to Janer Gorohhov, the co-founder and COO of Veriff, the new feature was built in just over one month. “We kicked the pilot off with our Vienna-based client goUrban, which provides a software platform and data analytics to shared mobility operators. The category extraction enables the mobility sector to make sure that the person presenting the driving license is eligible to drive the vehicle. The idea is to make the verification process even more accurate and seamless and enable partners like goUrban to build up trust with their customers,” Gorohhov added. 

“On top of the strong time-saving automation component, we consider Veriff’s category extraction feature a game changer, as it fully enables the car-sharing use case. In particular, fraud and damages are an increasing concern in the mobility industry - so of course high cost assets such as a car, or a luxury car for that matter, need to be safeguarded: precise license identification strongly contributes to this,” said Nicholas Kirk, the Head of Business Development at goUrban.

The category extraction gives an accurate insight to Veriff clients' about who their customers are and whether they are legally entitled to use the requested mobility service. With the help of artificial intelligence, Veriff reads the driving license data regarding the driving category that the person has.

Veriff is now supporting close to 9,000 different documents from all over the world. “The more document types we can process, the better our service becomes and we can improve the speed of verification decisions, saving people time as they are going through the process,” added Gorohhov.

Currently Veriff is focusing on the driving licence standard of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic from 1968. This standard is used in the European Union and some other countries. However, Veriff is working to expand the extraction feature capabilities and add more licence standards to build new use cases.

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About goUrban

goUrban is the operating system for mobility of the present and future. Operators can now manage car, scooter, moped sharing systems and more, focusing directly on operations, optimising units and cutting irrelevant costs. Leveraging its very own experience as an operator in Vienna, goUrban has proven to be a revenue multiplier across three continents thanks to the cloud-based software with a dashboard for monitoring operations, a user app for travel access and a service app for maintenance staff. The platform runs services worldwide with thousands of users riding daily. For many of these, a first prerequisite to rent a vehicle is driving license verification.