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 Key user expectations in customer onboarding – and beyond

Onboarding is a crucial but complex part of the customer journey, in which companies must meet stringent security requirements without disrupting the client experience. What are the key user expectations today?

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Chris Hooper
Director of Content at
July 14, 2023
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Identity Verification

Customer onboarding is a key element of any online business, enabling you to safely welcome new users to your platform while ensuring they are who they claim to be. It is vital to meet legal demands around know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements, as well as protecting your business from fraudsters and other criminals. 

Of course, precise customer demands will depend on the sector in question, as well as a range of national and cultural factors. However, there are some common user expectations that companies should keep in mind as they work to expand their online enterprises. 

Safety and security: Customers demand the highest levels of security in the identity verification (IDV) process, particularly when government-issued ID or other documentation is involved. Veriff’s IDV solution uses AI and biometrics technology to quickly complete the process, using industry standard AES-256 and TLSv1.2+ encryption to encrypt data at rest and during transmission. 

Data Privacy: It is vital that data is protected to meet regulatory demands like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to ensure your customers feel safe. Veriff always keeps data safe with no unauthorised access, and never keeps data indefinitely. 

Swift service: If your customers are forced to wait to complete the IDV process, they could become dissatisfied and switch to one of your rivals. Veriff’s automated approach utilizes AI and biometric authentication to quickly deliver a positive response to honest users, with a decision made in an average of six seconds. 

Usability: IDV needs to be swift, but it also must be easy to use. Our software guides users through the process, providing them with real-time feedback. Tools like Assisted Image Capture (AIC) ensure onboarding is completed at the first time of asking. 

Flexibility: Users interact with your product – and IDV software – through a variety of operating systems and other means, whether web, mobile web, native SDK or API, iOS or Android. Veriff works across all these systems and more, ensuring maximum flexibility for your users and your developers. 

At Veriff, we believe security and usability complement one another. With our system, users simply snap a photo of their ID, take a selfie, and receive a decision, all with real-time support. 

With the best onboarding software, there is no choice between security and customer satisfaction – you can do both, all while building brand value.

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The onboarding phase is key to the customer journey, with users expecting a blend of security, usability, and flexibility. Discover more about our AI-based IDV technology and how it's helping with customer onboarding.

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