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Boost customer retention in the post-onboarding experience

Customer onboarding cannot be thought about as just getting new customers through the door. Companies must also look to the post-onboarding experience, maintaining an environment where customers – and your business – are secure.

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Chris Hooper
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July 14, 2023
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Companies in a range of industries – from gambling to finance – must meet regulatory demands when onboarding customers in areas as Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML). However, the process does not simply stop when the customer is onboarded. 

Take KYC. Even after the onboarding process, the business must continue to monitor the customer’s activities on an ongoing basis. The user’s risk profile may be of little concern initially, but it could change significantly as time progresses. It is vital that your company monitors any developments and responds accordingly. 

There are several factors to consider, including the risk that a customer could pose: for example, based on the size of their account. You will need to monitor for sudden spikes in transaction values or activities; interactions with sanctioned individuals; unusual cross-border activities; and adverse media mentions. 

However, while it’s vital that your organisation maintains due diligence, customer satisfaction is every bit as important now as it was at the initial onboarding phase. The right customer onboarding framework can help keep your organisation and clients safe, while retaining and even enhancing user satisfaction; if you can assure them they’re working with a safe, responsible organisation, it could pay dividends in the long term. 

Veriff can provide the tools you need to maintain vigilance while ensuring the optimum customer experience. For example, our AML screening solution is an AI-powered solution that continuously screens customer lists based on real-time data. 

This technology monitors adverse media, politically exposed persons (PEP) watchlists, and sanction lists from around the world. Our automated screening notifies you immediately if there are any changes in your customer base, whether they’re existing users or someone who may have been previously onboarded. 

The need for continuous monitoring – while retaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction – is also a driver of Veriff’s enhanced Biometric Authentication system. This ensures a returning customer is who they claim to be, using advanced biometric analysis to guard against activities like account takeover and identity threat. 

Importantly, like all our products, the system is highly convenient for users. They simply take a selfie, which is checked for liveness and realness in real time, before being compared with a previously verified face. An authentication decision is then provided in just one second. 

The post-onboarding experience, like a customer’s initial interaction with your platform, must provide the highest levels of security for your brand and its users. Not only will this keep all stakeholders safe, it will also boost customer satisfaction – and retention. 

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The post-onboarding customer experience is crucial to protect your brand and build user satisfaction. Contact Veriff to learn how we can secure your platform with our AI-based IDV technology.

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