LibraryblogVeriff Releases Enhanced Biometric Authentication Solution 

Veriff Releases Enhanced Biometric Authentication Solution 

Veriff's enhanced Biometric Authentication offering confirms that a returning user is who they claim to be by using biometric analysis to identify and mitigate fraudulent activities such as account takeover and identity theft, eliminating user friction in the process. The solution is 100% powered by automation and can authenticate any user’s identity in one second using just a selfie.

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Carl-Ruuben Soolep
June 7, 2022
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Biometric Authentication

Veriff’s 2021 Fraud Report found a 61% increase in fraudulent activity compared to the year prior, spurred by a boom in online activity paired with increasingly sophisticated fraudsters. Veriff’s Biometric Authentication solution enables businesses to proactively combat this rise in fraud. The solution provides an additional layer of security for user accounts through the use of biometrics. The product also includes user experience upgrades, making passwordless login seamless and secure. 

Current authentication approaches, such as multi and two factor authentication (2FA), need to become identity-focused rather than device-focused. This can be achieved by using biometrics which confirms that a returning user is who they claim to be by asking the user for a quick selfie. The selfie is then compared to a previously verified face and identity and checked for liveness and realness. This approach, combined with MFA, provides organizations with a more robust level of security that helps Veriff users securely avoid account takeovers, reset login credentials, and conduct high-value transfers.  

“The global pandemic and move towards remote and hybrid work fueled significant paradigm shifts, creating an increased demand for online identity verification and a higher expectation for security and transparency for those using digital services,” said Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO. “As a pioneer in identity verification, Veriff understands that the future of internet safety is driven by biometric authentication due to its convenience and security. Veriff’s solution is quick and effective to confirm that a returning user is who they claim to be. It also helps to protect against account takeovers, reset credentials, and avoid inconvenient re-authentication processes in just one second.”

Veriff’s Biometric Authentication solution is available now. To learn more about Veriff’s new offering, please visit the Biometric Authentication page.