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A New Way to Get Verification Decisions - Straight to Your Email!

We've made it even easier to find out what decision has been made for your verifications - by sending them straight to your email! Find out more below.

Patrick Johnson
April 22, 2021
Product Update

When you’re on the hunt for a verification provider, you’ll get the opportunity to test out a few of the ones you like. You’ll put them through their paces, and see how they shape up against your expectations. But this makes it sound like a remarkably easy process - and it isn’t always the case.

Before you can test, you might need to create a temporary integration, using an API, or webhooks, or both. This can be an arduous process, and really is more technical work than you’d ideally like before making your decision.

With Veriff, you don’t need to do any of this.

Inside Veriff Station - our verification dashboard - you can manually create verification sessions, as well as then viewing their results. If you’ll have low verification volumes at the start of your subscription this may be all you need anyway.

We don’t rest when something is ‘fine’ though, so we’ve gone a step further and taken away a little more manual work in tracking verification decisions.

You can now get verification decisions delivered directly to your email, so you no longer need to log in to Veriff Station regularly.

The email you’ll receive contains the most important information about the verification session:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Session ID
  • Verification decision
  • A link to the session itself

You can assign up to three email addresses to receive these emails, so the right people can get the relevant information they need. 

The feature is available on our “Plus” and “Premium” starter plans at no additional cost. Stay tuned for more cool features that will be available in our Starter plans soon!