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What’s New - May 2021: Veriff’s Product Update

With good news, it's better late than never, and we're excited to share what we were up to back in May - the launch of our complete AML product, a new way to filter your customers, and a few extra documents added to our list.

Patrick Johnson
July 8, 2021
Product Update

It’s summer time! Or at least, for our head office in Estonia the good weather is here, and it hasn’t left yet.

And with the sun beaming down, we’ve got smiles on our faces, as we can share some awesome new product updates we’ve made in the last month. Let’s see what we’ve done!

Complete AML compliance

First and foremost, we’ve released our brand new product which helps you combat the threat of money laundering, by comparing your new customers against records for politically exposed persons, international sanctions and adverse online media.

You can also take advantage of ongoing monitoring, so you’ll know if anything changes for any of your existing customers.

Learn more about it on our dedicated product page.

Restricting access from specific areas

We know that you don’t want to stop potential customers from signing up, but for some companies it can be a necessity to limit the countries that their users come from. And now, you can get even more granular, as Veriff can limit customers by the area of a country they are based in, if this is required.

Finally - more new documents 

We’ve added two new residence permits to our long list of supported verification documents, with permits from the Republic of the Congo and Ivory Coast now able to be accepted by Veriff.

That wraps things up for May - we hope you have a fantastic summer, and maybe like me you’re already enjoying the European Championships, but no matter what you’re up to - Happy Veriffing!

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