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Veriff partners up with Verimi

Veriff is happy to announce the partnership with the German digital identity management company Verimi.

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Kristiina Marchesani
April 23, 2020
Case Study

For the past decade, the world has shifted more and more to the digital sphere and people are used to getting everything done as quickly and easily as possible. We are all looking for ways to save time and money while going about our daily business. In order to do business online, one needs to know who you're dealing with - are they actually the person they claim to be? Verifying a person’s identity online is an integral part of any business.

Veriff is happy to announce our partnership with the German digital identity platform Verimi. They offer a fast, secure and convenient identity verification as well as user authentication in the German market for regulated sectors. These include financial services, insurance sector, e-government, mobility, ehealth and telecommunication.

Verimi focuses on saving and re-using verified digital identities. Users can either transfer their identity data from their existing accounts, such as bank or health insurance, or their data is captured during various onboarding processes through Verimi’s partners. The idea is that users can save their identity data for instant access and re-use them down the line by consistently maintaining high levels of trust.

Verimi was looking for a seamless solution for verifying their users’ ID card and driver's licences within onboarding. This is where Veriff came in. During the vendor selection process, Verimi decided to partner up with Veriff because of its attractive product features combining high verification standards and a great user experience.

With Verimi, users only have to verify their identity once. Then they can save their data securely and re-use this data whenever a new verification is required by one of Verimi's partners. Next time around, the user can verify their ID using Verimi with just one click. Verimi has a banking licence issued by the German financial regulator, enabling them to store identity data compliant with AML (Anti Money Laundering) laws and transfer them with the same quality level to other partners at the user's request. For companies, Verimi can increase customer conversion levels while meeting all regulatory requirements at the same time.

Roland Adrian, Managing Director at Verimi, says: “Verimi is a state-of-the-art identity platform that bundles multiple identification methods in just one UX. Having chosen Veriff as our new partner, we now have the opportunity to offer an even more advanced portfolio of fully digital identification methods. In particular, with Veriff we are ready to offer fully digital identification processes serving various trust levels, e.g. in use cases for financial services, insurance and mobility.”

Veriff will support Verimi by adding another easy, fast and reliable identification method to their identity platform. Veriff provides an added value for a wide range of Verimi partners that need to verify their identity outside of a specific regulation such as car sharing, leases, and rents, but also for age verification and other use cases.

The Veriff product delivers a fast and secure process with high conversion rate. The addition of Veriff's identity verification to Verimi suite is a perfect compliment to existing authentication options and sign-and-pay services.