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Veriff's 2023 mission in the gambling sector

Veriff's Head of Gaming, Peter Murray, outlines recent company developments, key themes for the year ahead, and efforts to enhance clients' operations.

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January 13, 2023
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2022 was a transformative time for Veriff and for the support we provide in the gaming industry. As we say goodbye to the year, the obvious question on everyone’s mind here is: what’s next?

At Veriff, earning a $100m Series C investment has allowed us to enhance our core services, widen our product offering, and deliver new solutions. We believe we have been able to deliver beyond what our customers expect and global regulations have demanded.

We have also grown as a company. Developing, delivering, and supporting new technology solutions has required many new joiners, but that investment has allowed us to expand our customer base as those enhancements have come to market.

In 2022, we helped some of the biggest brands in the world open up new markets, areas where legacy authentication methods are either unavailable or ineffective. Technology has not only created new opportunities, but revolutionized the KYC and AML process to become user focused, friendly, and efficient.

This investment has been recognized by industry bodies, with Veriff having won three fraud and compliance awards in the USA, EU, and Latin America, along with a gaming/crypto award in Malta. However, to continue to improve our offering in the year ahead, we want to focus on two key themes: trust and growth.

Our trust aims for 2023 are to:

- Create trust that Veriff provides the best-in-market solutions for your business needs, whether a comprehensive overhaul or marginal, effective fixes.

- Demonstrate trust for you and your customers. Being transparent, proving that we are serious about protecting your data, and only ever using it where truly appropriate.

- Deliver trust in new markets. Enabling you to grow and succeed while Veriff recognizes and mitigates the specific identity challenges that exist.

Technology has not only created new opportunities, but revolutionized the KYC and AML process to become user focused, friendly, and efficient.

Peter Murray

Our growth aims in 2023 are to help you:

- Grow in new markets. There may be increasing challenges, but there are also massive future opportunities.

- Grow in existing markets that may be more competitive, saturated, and bound by increasingly stringent regulations; where getting 5% growth makes a difference, be that onboarding new customers or enhancing your KYC.

- Grow as a brand, collaborating with Veriff in our mission to make the digital world a safer place.

From a Veriff perspective, we want to grow revenues and have more customers working with us. For that to be achieved, we need to grow as a partner you can trust. To do that, we have to be at our best at all times.

2023 is set to be a hugely exciting year. If any of these key themes resonate with you, contact our team and we can work together to realize the opportunities that lie ahead.