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TrueNorth partners with Veriff to power identity verification for digital transformations in financial services

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with global financial services software development company TrueNorth. This partnership will provide TrueNorth’s clients seamless access to our growing suite of identity verification (IDV) solutions for safer and enhanced digital transformation initiatives.

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Carl-Ruuben Soolep
November 14, 2022
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TrueNorth offers proven architectural frameworks to accelerate the development  of customized solutions across the financial services industry, from the beginning stages of strategic planning through product launch. The company engineers a modern customer experience for clients’ unique frontend, core and backend requirements, and leads and manages the entire digital transformation journey for its customers, from consulting and building, to evolving and growing. TrueNorth has successfully secured over $40 billion in client funding to date.

“Our new partnership with Veriff allows us to optimize identity fraud prevention without compromise,” said Patrick Rikli, Director of Partnerships at TrueNorth. “Together we will deliver superior user experiences that build transparency, trust, and growth for our clients.”

Veriff is an industry leader in the online identity verification space and has partnered with TrueNorth to provide an essential layer to clients’ digital transformation initiatives. Veriff’s AI-powered identity verification solution provides identity fraud prevention, Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, and fast conversions of customers, helping companies convert and onboard more real users while stopping bad actors. With over 11,000 government-issued IDs across 190 countries and in 45 languages, Veriff offers a global solution to quickly and easily convert more users, prevent fraud and comply with regulations. 

“TrueNorth is transforming digital experiences in the financial services world, and with Veriff as a partner, their clients can now easily incorporate identity verification into their evolving online solutions. The partnership not only makes KYC compliance incredibly tangible, but also powers a seamless customer experience for incomparable customer journeys. It’s an easy decision for companies undergoing a digital transformation at any scale to layer Veriff into their tech stack. We look forward to walking the path of transformation with TrueNorth clients. Together we are creating a safer and more secure digital environment,” said Manuel Solis III, Head of Global Partnerships & Alliances at Veriff. 

Recently Veriff launched their new R.E.V. Partner Program (Revenue Expansion with Veriff) to provide a clear path to support Veriff’s growing ecosystem of partners. The program is designed to support partners in sales and marketing and provide them with Veriff’s premium IDV platform to help meet the identity theft and fraud demands of end users. The program can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific partner type based on their own business, offering flexibility to support the partner as their business scales.

About TrueNorth 

TrueNorth is one of the largest and most successful financial services software development companies in the world having built three fintech unicorns from scratch–Upgrade, LendingClub, and Dianrong. The company specializes in building digital solutions, including 45 original enterprises, 120 digital transformations and 40 product revamps. TrueNorth's unique Team Captain client-focused process enables its most senior engineers to navigate and apply the latest technologies to develop and integrate cutting-edge digital solutions for neobanks, payment platforms, lending firms, banks, credit unions, and asset management firms. CEO Alex Gonikman, a veteran software architect, leads a staff of more than 200 employees from the company's headquarters in New York City, development centers across the globe, and strategic offices across the U.S.