LibraryblogVeriff pledges 1 million free verifications to support Ukraine

Veriff pledges 1 million free verifications to support Ukraine

Veriff offers aid to organizations and businesses that are providing humanitarian support and services during the conflict in Ukraine.

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Karita Sall
March 1, 2022
Blog Post

We strongly condemn the invasion and the war in Ukraine. As Veriff plays a critical role in digital infrastructure, we have decided to support the people of Ukraine by offering our services for free. We are donating 1 million verifications to organizations who wish to use these to help people affected by the conflict, such as money transfer services to Ukraine, accommodation or relocation services for refugees.

According to Kaarel Kotkas, the Founder and CEO of Veriff, this initiative encourages companies to lower the cost of their services to directly support the ones in need. “As we are seeing more need for Veriff capabilities, we've invested additional resources and are waiving the fees for organizations to support the people of Ukraine to make sure they have access to vital services amidst the crisis,” said Kotkas.

Veriff has donated verifications and is working together with Wise to enable money transfers to Ukraine as well as with a German company Wunderflats, and international organizations like Help people leave Ukraine and UkraineNow to support Ukrainian refugees. Veriff is also verifying people joining World with Ukraine, a platform that invites people around the world to come together and work on solutions that have an immediate impact for Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

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